Merida Mayor takes bus to city hall amid congestion concerns

Mauricio Vila and former Mexican President Felipe Calderon on board a public transportation unit in Merida (PAN)

Merida Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal was scheduled to take a bus from his residence to his office at City Hall early Tuesday Sept. 29 as part of his social media program called #RetoSinAuto2015 (ChallengeWithoutCar2015).

Vila’s agenda called for him to start the day at 7 a.m. by catching a public bus near his home at 16th Street #309, between 15 and 17 Streets, in the Montebello neighborhood.

Vila was expected to reach his destination bus stop around 8 a.m. at 57th Street between 54 and 56 Streets in Merida’s downtown and walk towards City Hall.

Some local media speculated about Vila’s motivation for taking this unusal step.

“It seems that the mayor continues to campaign, where he does everything to get attention,” said a report on the website Noticias de Yucatan. “As we reported sources close to City Council said it was because someone, in social networks, came up with the challenge to Vila and he accepted. Is this how the mayor brands his strategic agenda?”

Fulfilling a campaign promise, Vila has rejected using a City-owned SUV designated for the mayor’s official transportation. He donated this vehicle for alternative use in a lower-income Merida neighborhood.

Vila’s steps come as traffic tie-ups in Merida’s downtown continue to worsen. Plagued by congestion from public buses and vans and private cars and motorbikes, downtown Merida’s crowded streets are witnessing an increasing number of accidents each day.

Photo: SIPSE Congestion in downtown Merida.
Photo: SIPSE
Congestion in downtown Merida.






Source: TYT Newsroom