Mérida bio-factory will produce coconut, hemp and stevia


Merida´s Scientific Research Center of Yucatán (CICY) has concluded trials and is proceeding with plans to produce at least three products that are in high demand in the commercial market. In October, CICY will begin production of coconut, hemp and stevia, said its director, Felipe Sanchez Teyer.

Sanchez said that since production has started at the Merida campus, and as soon as facilities for the biofactory are inaugurated at the Science and Technology Center, production will be tranferred there. Large scale production of plants should allow to market them in two or three years.

“The protocols of these crops are already complete and have a distinct market,” said the official, who noted that several producers and investors are awaiting the results of their research for seeds and plants.

Henequen (Photo: Google)
Henequen (Photo: Google)

He stressed that hemp is one of the crops that can start to continuously support regional production systems; as for coconut, he said the demand for this fruit is very large. Regarding stevia, he said for now it is to a lower level, but it could also be in the biofactory because demand is very high in the market.

“In October we would give the checkered flag to start production, it´s a highly specialized production system, so you have to train people, have very strict sanitary controls, characterize the material that comes in and out, automate processes, we are at that stage,” he said.

In CICY researchers are working on projects to generate improved quality of life with self-sustaining housing; and others focused to leverage other inorganic waste to generate new and better materials.

Coconut production will focus on serving the local and national demand, since due to various natural conditions and pests, plantations have declined.

Source: Milenio Novedades