Mayor Mauricio Vila wants to include Megapark in plans

Residents push for new north Merida megapark

The city looks to be settling on the idea of a “megapark.”

Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal said that yesterday he instructed four city officials to include in their agendas the matter of “megapark”, which has been propposed in Fraccionamiento Francisco de Montejo in North Merida.

He added that he asked his staff to remain in contact with neighbors who proposed this plan, in order to determine how the City Council can contribute.

Yesterday families from that part of town celebrated the first anniversary of their fight to make a park in the large plot in the populous Francisco de Montejo.

Interviewed about it, the mayor congratulated the neighbors for their work, since he said the current City Council promotes citizen participation.

Residents push for new north Merida megapark
Residents push for new north Merida megapark

“I already instructed César Bojórquez Zapata and Víctor Hugo Lozano Poveda, Operation Coordinators  of Urban and Community Policy to get in touch with neighbors and determine how the City Hall can work with this project,” he said.

“I also asked the head of the Unit for Sustainable Development, Sayda Rodríguez Gómez to intervene in actions concerning the protection of the environment, and The Director of Government, Rafael Miguel Pinzón, to analyze aspects of land ownership.

“There’s a large space beneath the high tension towers of the CFE, and therefore they are owned by a parastate,” he added. “We must analyze what we are allowed to do in that space.“

Source: Yucatan a la Mano




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