Masseuses earn big profits from cruise passengers

Photo: Diario de Yucatan Massages in Progreso

PROGRESO — The visit of the cruise ship Carnival Triumph, which arrived from Galveston, Texas, was good for service providers because they had good profits, especially masseuses, as tourists visited the boardwalk.

In the massage booth Marina Luna installed on the beach boardwalk, she took care of 40 tourists who she charged USD $25 an hour ($754.65 at the exchange rate yesterday, $16.77).

Two groups of passengers, after receiving the relaxing treatment, took photos with Marina Luna.

“Wednesday September 9th was a good cruise day, especially because it came directly from Galveston,” she said. By 12:30, she had attended 40 passengers. “We expect to get  to 50 services, there is demand from tourists,” said Marina Luna –for the thousand dollars ($16,770 pesos) she earned by noon.

Other massage booths were also crowded. Passengers requested this service after arriving to the boardwalk starting at 9 a.m.

Photo: Diario de Yucatan Massages in Progreso
Photo: Diario de Yucatan
Massages in Progreso

The Carnival Triumph arrived at 7 a.m. with 3,271 passengers.

About 1,635 passengers visited the port, were on the beach, restaurants and the craft flea market.

The other 50% of tourists opted for tours to Mérida and archaeological areas.

Among the passengers were Texans Marisela Salas, Wanda Padilla and Eli Valenzuela, who for the second time were visiting the port on the same cruise. Four years ago they went on the cruise for the first time and liked the trip.

Marisela Salas said they liked Progreso a lot, because it has a lot of beach, In Cozumel what they do is tour the island. She said they have plans to return next year, and already invited more friends.

The presence of passengers cheered the tourist area for seven hours, the time they remained in harbor, because shortly before 3 p.m. they returned to the remote terminal to board the ship, which took them to Cozumel.

Source:  Diario de Yucatan




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