Isla Mujeres: New hotel investment generates jobs as 5,000 visitors arrive daily

Isla Mujeres (Photo:

ISLA MUJERES, Q. Roo. — Local officials estimate that investment of USD $300 million ($5.1 billion pesos) from the private sector in Isla Mujeres has generated 6,000 jobs so far in the current administration.

In the two years he has headed the municipality, Mayor Agapito Magaña Sanchez said Isla Mujeres has not experienced an off-season.

Zoëtry Villa Rolandi Isla Mujeres and Isla Mujeres Secrets for Adults, are two of the accommodations that have recently opened and reopened both on the island and in the Playa Mujeres resort.

Also underway are construction of Dreams Hotels aimed at the family segment, also in Playa Mujeres, and the Casa Inn owned by the Romano family.

“Both centers will be hosting 600 rooms and opening their doors for the winter 2016,” he said.

“In the mainland of Isla Mujeres there are plans to build 22,000 rooms between about 15 and 20 years, to be distributed in Playa Mujeres, Costa Blanca and Isla Mujeres. The latter is larger than the hotel zone of Cancun, areas where properties of low density at a distance of 60 meters from the federal maritime zone can be built, “said Magaña Sanchez.

Photo: Isla Mujeres hotel construction.
Isla Mujeres hotel construction.


Currently there are five accommodation centers on Isla Mujeres, each with 600 rooms, with an average of 2,000 employees, Magaña Sanchez said.

The hotels under construction (Dreams and Casa Inn) directly employ 1,000 workers and 2,000 more indirectly, while accommodations that opened last year have a workforce above 2,000 employees, Magaña Sanchez said.



The island now has about 19,500 residents in 15 settlements, of which 40 percent are young and will soon require jobs, the mayor said.

The 19,500 people living in Isla Mujeres are benefited with the arrival of 5,000 visitors per day, who consume the products and services that are generated there.

“We have no off-season and this is reflected in visitor arrivals. Ships arrive full from Cancun every half hour,” Magaña Sanchez said.

Of the island’s accommodation centers, eight are boutique hotels for very affluent tourists, having 100 percent occupancy all year; another equal number of accommodations are more than 100 rooms with all inclusive service and the rest are small hotels, the mayor said.

Isla Mujeres (Photo:
Isla Mujeres (Photo:

“This administration has worked to encourage visitors to stay to sleep more than one night, at first the stay was 1.5 nights and now is 3.5, which makes us very happy and to go for more,” said Magaña Sanchez.

Isla Mujeres offers a wide range of activities to enjoy a full day without repeating any.

Gustavo Rodriguez Orozco, director of Tourism in Isla Mujeres, said it is through cultural festivals and sporting events that tourism has increased, both local and foreign. Celebrations have included Whale Shark Festival, Day of the Dead, the island´s 165th Anniversary celebrated this year, celebration of the patron saint of Isla Mujeres the “Virgen de la Concepción” the first week of December, and fishing tournaments in spring and summer, Rodriguez Orozco said.

Source:  Milenio Novedades