Four white tigers are born at the “Parque Centenario Zoo”

Merida municipal authorities announced this week the birth of four white tigers in the “Parque Centenario” city zoo.

As part of the activities for the 105th anniversary of the park, Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal said: “Parque Centenario is not only a zoo or a recreation place, but an important environmental education center where Yucatecan children can learn the great importance of care and respect for animal life.

“More than 25 cubs of different species have been born here during 2015, and today we have a very special announcement: for the first time in southeast Mexico, four white tigers were born in this zoo,” the mayor said.

Foto: @AyuntaMerida

He said that the baby tigers will be on display and there is a possibility to exchange part of the litter for other specimens, in order to bring other animal species to the Merida’s Centennial Zoo. 

Foto: @AyuntaMerida

“This park is the place with the highest number of visitors in the state of Yucatán, with an annual record of  50,000 children, (not counting Saturdays and Sundays),” he explained.

Mayor Vila concluded saying that the park was initially created as a botanical garden in 1858, and 52 years later, in 1910, the first animals were introduced to the new “Parque Centenario Zoo”; and today it holds 645 specimens of 96 species.




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