First mayor from MORENA takes office in the Yucatan Peninsula

VALLADOLID — During a ceremony Sept. 2, Alpha Alejandra Escalante Tavera took oath as municipal president of Valladolid, becoming the only MORENA mayor in the whole Yucatan Peninsula.

Party leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador assured that she will govern in good for all the people of Valladolid, and declared “the campaign was a success, MORENA won in Valladolid, but it’s no longer time for celebrations, it is the time of government by the people and for the people. Party, as its name suggests, comes from “part”, government is for everyone. Unity of all the people is needed, I call for a lot of responsibility from the mayor”.

He added that: “Unity is needed in Valladolid, it is also essential in Yucatan and all of Mexico, because only the people can save the people”.

He recalled that Escalante Tavera was an external candidate of MORENA, and said that the majority of the people of Mexico agree that it is essential to make changes in the country, to wipe out corruption, the main problem in Mexico.

Alpha Alejandra Escalante Tavera took oath as municipal president of Valladolid (Photo:


“If we make a broad alliance between everyone to establish honesty as a form of government in our country, we’re going to rescue our beloved Mexico from the backwardness it’s in right now,” he said.

He explained that the government has to act, guided by three principles: not to lie, not to steal and not to betray the people.

He said that the take of oath of Tavera Escalante is a tribute to the memory of maestro Mario who died in an accident during the election campaign this year.


In her first message to the public as mayor of Valladolid,  Tavera Escalante made a call to: local and federal legislators, policy makers, enterpreneurs, workers, men, women, children, everyone, to “get together in this great task, to combine efforts on behalf of democracy, in favor of Valladolid, on behalf of the people.”

Alpha Alejandra with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Photo:
Alpha Alejandra with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (Photo:

She said that “Valladolid has the hallmark of a social municipality, with respect for human rights.”

“I will maintain a government where all people can have access to services regardless of their physical abilities or social condition.”

“There will be an open management, accountability, we will fight corruption head on and will not allow it to harm our citizens. We will have a transparent government”.

She ended her speech saying: “Let us say together for a social sense and Valladolid with a national project that puts justice for all, with equal opportunities.”