Drivers face up to $7,000 peso fine for DUI on “Día del Grito”

The Ministry of Public Security (SSP) will unveil a special operation during the night of Tuesday September 15th, when the “Grito de Independencia” will be celebrated in Mérida and its surrounding areas.

This will include the instalation of extra breathalyzer checkpoints in strategic points throughout the city.

There will be special surveillance in the “zone of clubs” on Prolongación Paseo de Montejo and City Center, where several trendy bars operate.

It was reported that the penalty for being detained in alcohol checkpoints will be 90 days of minimum wage, that is $6145.20 pesos (USD $384), but the figure could reach $7,000 pesos (USD $437) if the vehicle has to be towed or there is any other offense for “inappropriate behavior” during the detention.

Despite this, there will be some tolerance during the festivities, for example if the driver tests 35 degrees of alcohol (which is the equivalent of one or two beers), he will be allowed to drive a motor vehicle.


On the “Día del Grito” police checkpoints will operate beyond 3 am, and there will be more than usual since celebrations in hotels and restaurants will last until 4 or 5 am.

Breathalyzer checkpoints will be installed in the following locations:

  • Calle 60 (Downtown Merida)
  • Paseo de Montejo
  • Avenida 32 (a.k.a Garcia Lavin)
  • Circuito Colonias
  • ​​Altabrisa
  • Avenida Cámara de Comercio
  • Zona Dorada “table dance zone” on Avenida Canek
  • Kanasín exit to Cancun highway

Checkpoints will be installed along several streets in the downtown area, since thousands of people are expected to attend “El Grito” and then, remain on the Plaza Grande to enjoy the performance by Mexican recording artist Espinosa Paz.

However, SSP authorities will define the exact points hours before the event.

According to traffic regulations, penalties for driving under the influence are:

  1. Retention of vehicle
  2. Arrest for up to 36 hours
  3. Fine of 90 days salary in the first arrest for this infraction in one year; 95 in the second time this year and 100 in the third recurrence.

Extensive vehicle search will be carried out by officers of the SSP during Tuesday night in the downtown area. Ambulances and firefighters will be onsite to support the Merida police in case of an emergency.

Source: Formal Prision.



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