Chikungunya may be cause of two recent deaths

House of Tomasa

On Thursday Sept. 17, two reported deaths were attributed to chikungunya, one in Sitilpech, Izamal, and one in San Isidro Kuxub, Baca.

However, there was no official confirmation by the municipalities of Izamal and Baca that the two victims, both women, died of chikungunya.

In the village of Baca, Maria Tomasa Lopez, about 47, died Thursday morning at her home in San Isidro Kuxub and left two orphans.

The municipality of Baca said she died of lung disease and malnutrition, but was awaiting the removal of the body for the medical report on the cause of death.

House of Tomasa
House of Maria Tomasa Lopez (Photo:

In Sitilpech, where there was widespread panic over cases of dengue and chikungunya, a few days ago a woman of about 65 years old died of suspected chikungunya.

Neighbors said they saw the woman healthy, but her sudden death immediately raised the suspicion that “chikungunya killed her.”

Fear of dengue and chikungunya yesterday also generated requests that the municipal cemetery of Hunucmá be weeded, and a resident of Motul was urged to clean his swimming pool, which was said to be a breeding ground for mosquitos.

Source: Diario de Yucatan