Armed thieves get away with big sums in two unusual Merida robberies

In two separate incidents in Merida Wednesday and Thursday Sept. 9 and 10, armed robbers got away with more than $100,000 pesos (USD $5,900) and $250,000 pesos (USD $14,700).

The brazen style of the armed assaults and the large quantities of cash involved were unusual in Merida, which has not witnessed many robberies of this magnitude.

Early Thursday morning an assault occurred in the Cobay campus in Santa Rosa, south of Merida. In this incident, the robbers´ spoils were $100,000 pesos in cash.

The thieves entered the campus around 2 a.m., restrained the security guard, tied him hand and foot, and put masking tape on his mouth.

The thieves reportedly fled aboard a white taxi. Police launched an operation to arrest the thieves.

Cobay Santa Rosa (Photo: Google)

Meanwhile, on Wednesday afternoon, two men on a motorbike attacked with firearms a couple who got out of a pickup truck in central Merida.

The criminals fled at full speed, making off with quarter of a million pesos, setting in motion immediately a police operation.

The victims, a man and his wife aboard a Lobo pickup, reached 46th Street and parked in front of a supplier of raw material for the manufacture of plastics, to make purchases.

The driver of the truck got out and, just then, a black motorcycle pulled up behind carrying two individuals with their heads covered with helmets.

One of them threatened him with a gun, and the other opened the door of the woman and snatched the bag containing $250,000 pesos (USD $—). The victims had just withdrawn the cash from a bank in the Paseo de Montejo.

The criminals climbed back on the bike and fled.

The couple requested aid from the SSP, which sent several officers on board motorbikes and vans.

Investigators from the state police initiated investigations and fingerprinted in the van.

The operation was extended to the entire city and the exits of the city were checked, since it was found that a few minutes after committing the robbery, the offenders separated and boarded cars.

Sources: SIPSE and Diario de Yucatan



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