A dengue vaccine may become available in Mexico in 2016

At a conference in Merida Thursday Sept. 10, researchers announced that dengue may soon become the next vaccine-preventable disease.

At the XXVII Congress of the Annual Meeting organized by the Mexican Academy of Pediatrics, entitled “Adolescents in health and disease. A shared responsibility “,  José Luis Arredondo García said that the vaccine could be on the market in Mexico in 2016.

He stressed that there are currently more than 100 countries affected by dengue epidemics, turning this issue into a public health problem. Mexico, including the states of the Yucatan peninsula, is currently experiencing widespread dengue outbreaks.

Annually worldwide, 390 million dengue infections are reported, of which 500,000 cases are severe, and 20,000 people die of the mosquito-borne disease.


Researchers believe the dengue vaccine could reduce 80% of hospitalizations and more than 90% of severe cases.

Worldwide, the incidence of dengue has increased instead of decreased, while the prevention and control efforts in which substantial sums of money have been invested globally, have not been enough to eradicate dengue. There is currently no market specific treatment that can stop spread of dengue.

It is noteworthy that 40 percent of the world population lives in areas where they could get an infection of this nature.

In addition to sickness and death, dengue results in billions of dollars of economic costs and losses due to hospitalizations, missed work and recovery time.

With the use of the vaccine in 2013 in Mexico it is estimated that 230,000 probable cases would have been avoided.

At present, the vaccine is being evaluated by the health authorities, both federal and state, for registration and commercialization potential. This research has been conducted over 20 years, with six years of demonstration of efficacy and safety.

Source:  Milenio Novedades



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