Yucatan Wellness: Alternative Health Solutions “Mind, Body & Soul”

Baby boomers and health-conscious adults now have the opportunity to choose another world destination for alternative health solutions: Yucatan, Mexico. Andrew Osborne and IxChel, founders of Yucatan Wellness a spiritual workshop retreat organization located in Southeastern Mexico, are helping bring ancient solutions to old problems.


While ancient Mayan as well as cutting-edge therapies, exercises and adventure to primordial spiritual regions in Yucatan will be used to facilitate healing, Paleo and clean eating along with cooking art will be an integral part of retreat activities.


Many tout that Paleo and clean eating are the latest diet fads. However those who partake believe it is a healthier way to eat—a lifestyle choice.

Paleo and clean eating are based on the premise that in order to live a healthy, vibrant life, processed foods must be eliminated from the diet with a return to seafood, natural meats, veggies and whole grains.

Foods are free of trans fats, GMO’s, gluten, refined sugar, bleached flours, added preservatives and any ingredient unpronounceable. Not necessarily easy to live by, but attainable.



As smoked-salmon manufacturers in the Western Slope, USA, selling in retail as well as farmers’ markets throughout the Vail and Aspen Valleys for years, IxChel and Osborne noticed conversation among their mature customers was often the same. They were looking for food to help them feel better and live better lives.


“The most common concern by our customers was their stomachs. Many were looking for food items to help with digestive disorders: heartburn, constipation, excessive bloating and excessive gas. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases reports 60-70 million Americans are affected by digestive diseases,” says IxChel, Co-founder of Yucatan Wellness. “We not only sell a product, but educate our customers, which is vital when it comes to alternative health.”


Seeking a retirement destination, the couple discovered Yucatan. It held many advantages, but one stuck out. Osborne, a former soux and executive chef, was quick to realize it wasn’t necessary to search out organic foods. Fruits and vegetables sold by small, local farmers are free of GMOs. Mexico banned the practice years ago.

Fresh meat is brought to market by local ranchers, while fishermen from the villages bring in shrimp, lobster and exotic fish daily. While processed foods do exist in Yucatan, mostly in the supermarkets, the search for unprocessed and healthy ingredients is easy.


What has been exciting in their discovery of foods in Yucatan is many naturally healing foods: anona, zaramuyo, caimito and guanabana, a natural cancer combatant, are grown regionally.

Quick to experiment, Osborne found not only could he make deliciously refreshing meals out of these foods, but his own stomach ailments were disappearing. IxChel and Osborne now passionately share their love for the art of clean eating, natural healing and spirituality with retreat guests. Visit https://www.YucatanWellness.com for details.

IxChel, Founder



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