Yucatán Launched at “Destination Health” as World Class Medical Tourism Destination

Hospital de Especialidades Médicas Merida

Destination Health was the first event of its kind to be organized in Canada, presented by CanSanté Inc. and MedBrick Inc. This public trade-show gathered health and wellness providers from many countries to display their services to Canadians.

Destination Health will was held at Palais des congrès de Montréal also known as the Montreal Convention Centre. This impressive location is very close to many tourist attractions and is accessible by car, public transit and on foot.

Since it opened in 1983, the Palais des congrès de Montréal has built a reputation for excellence spanning the globe, welcoming more than 6,200 events and 16 million visitors.

What is Medical Tourism?

“Medical tourism” is the act of traveling overseas to obtain medical, cosmetic or dental treatment in another country. Medical tourism is also known as Health Tourism, Medical Travel or Global Healthcare.

Its benefits
  • High-quality healthcare;
  • Affordable;
  • Immediate service;
  • Travel opportunities for you and accompanying family members. 

    • Every year, Canadians are taking 6,500,000 overnight trips for pleasure outside Canada every year.

    • In July 2014, travel by Canadian residents to overseas countries continued its upward trend with 888,000 in that month only! This was the highest number since record keeping began in 1972.

    • Over 800,000 Canadians travel outside the country on a yearly basis to obtain medical/dental services not pre-approved by their provincial health plan.

    • In 2014, Canadian Medical Tourism increased by 26%.

    • Canadians are spending over $400,000,000 USD per year since 2009 for out-of-country medical services.

    • Canadian Snowbird trips have increased by 165% since 2000. Aging population will mean more trips overseas.

    • Canadian Snowbirds are now choosing different destinations since 1998 (increase of 134% since then.)


Who attends Destination Health?

People looking for the opportunity to meet in person with representatives from: hospitals, clinics, doctors/surgeons, dentists, wellness companies, insurance companies, surrogacy providers, travel agencies and more! From several countries in the world.

This will provide you with all the information in order to book your next medical tourism trip!

Destination Health took place for the first time in Canada.


The Yucatan State Secretariat for Tourism Development  (Secretaría Estatal de Fomento al Turismo: SEFOTUR) presented its multimedia platform known as “Yucatan Health Care” to more than 200 specialists of the world market in this field.

Staff of SEFOTUR promoted their online platform www.yucatanhealthcare.com, and the Yucatán as World Class Medical Tourism Destination.

During the event, their stand was visited by more than 25 companies and a large number of visitors interested in learning about the medical facilities and services offered by the state.



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