Flamingos in Celest{un, Yucat{an (Photo: SIPSE)

The local ecological group “Niños y Crías” (Children and Offspring), issued a warning to tourists and service providers to avoid approaching within 100 meters from flocks of pink flamingos in Celestún and other coastal areas of the State of Yucatán, because the noise of the boats causes them stress and it was found that some tourists are actually feeding them, which could seriously affect the health of these birds.

President of “Niños y Crías” A.C, Rodrigo Migoya Von Bertrab, said that some of the boaters take the tourists closer to the sanctuary of flamingos in Celestun (for an extra amount of money), virtually forcing the flocks to take flight.

Migoya explained that this situation affects the birds significantly, causing them a high level of stress, “the flamingos remain up to seven hours on the water searching for food without taking flight, but now, they are being forced to take flight constantly, in a totally irresponsible way, and this is very harmful for their health“.

He added that the tourists who offer food to these birds, are attempting against the animals’ lives.

Migoya underlined that conservation work last year enabled a colony of 22,000 healthy pink flamingos in the state of Yucatan.

It has been a team effort of 15 years by “Niños y Crías”, working to preserve and protect not only the Flamingos but also the wetlands of Yucatan” he said.

Flamingos in Celestun, Yucatan (Photo: SIPSE)
Flamingos in Celestún, Yucatán (Photo: SIPSE)

Large colony
The environmentalist said that Yucatan is a leader in conservation, research and care of these migratory species of Central America and the Caribbean.

He pointed out that the conservation work for this species in the state last year, allowed a colony of 22,000 individuals of pink flamingo in the region, surpassing that of countries like Cuba, Bahamas and Cayman Islands.

The researcher said that 15 years ago when his team started the conservation program, the colony consisted of only 4,500 birds, and the current number indicates an increase of more than 400%.