Residents of Kanasín Live in Constant Fear Due to Insecurity

People of Kanasin protestig against insecurity (Photo: Yucatan al Minuto)

The residents of Kanasín live in fear for the lack of security prevailing in that Municipality.

We can not go out at night without fearing for our lives,” said Brenda Canul, housewife, who demands  greater surveillance from the local authorities, as in recent months, she says, the number of thefts has  increased significantly.

The people of Kanasin are fed up with “promises” from the Municipal Officials, desperately demand a greater number of uniformed police officers, and state that: “mayors come and go in Kanasín and the situation just gets worst by the minute“.

Destruction, violence, vandalism, theft, are some of the crimes that these criminals commit everyday in the streets of Kanasín” one of the residents said.

People of Kanasin protestig against insecurity (Photo: Yucatan al Minuto)
People of Kanasin protestig against insecurity (Photo: Yucatan al Minuto)

There is absolutely no respect, not even for the elderly,” said Ilusión Uc, a senior citizen who has been stripped of her belongings twice.

Children are not spared from this growing wave of robberies, as in recent weeks many of them have lost their bicycles, when leaving them on the street for a few minutes.

No Man’s Land,” is how the inhabitants refer to the state of insecurity in which they live in Kanasín, and they blame the municipal authorities for this situation.

Even though Kanasin is a separate Muncipality, it is located right next to Mérida, and in fact it is considered part of the Mérida Urban Area (área conurbada de Mérida).

Thousands of residents of Kanasin come to the Yucatecan capital on a daily basis to work in different sectors, and when they go back after spending all day working, they find their homes have been burglarized.


Source: Yucatan al Minuto



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