Letters to the Editor: “In the Opinion of”: Mr. Alfred Ray Waddell

-President Donald Trump?-


In my opinion, one of the reasons Donald Trump is surging in the polls as the top contender in the Republican primary is because he does not wear a political mask like the other contenders. Trump can go without a mask because he is funding solely his own campaign. In a way this makes him dangerous; his stance on the immigration issue and his words against “Black Lives Matter” can further divide the country and escalate the type of fears Hitler used against Jews in Nazi Germany.

I agree with Bernie Sanders that Trump is a national disgrace. It is sad that so many Republicans are silent on Trump’s behavior. It is a scary thought and a bad dream to imagine waking up the next day in November after Election Day and find that Trump won the election. It could happen; George Bush was given the election in the 2000.

Alfred Waddell
Hyannis, MA. USA

I am Alfred Waddell, an artist and a political writer who has lived on Cape Cod, MA for 35 years, originally from Memphis, TN; I was raised there. I generally vote for the Democrats in my country; they seem to show more compassion and empathy in their policies.

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