IUU Presidental Task Force rules Dorado from Mexico Illegal to import into U.S.A.

Dorado Fish (Google)

WASHINGTON— The Pressidential task force on IUU,  announced on August 3rd that dorado from Mexico is now an IUU at risk species. As a result illegal fishing operations in Mexico should no longer be allowed to export dorado into the United States of America and it’s extremely lucrative sea food market.

WorldsAquarium (WA) played a crucial role in this decicion. Over the last 15 years (WA) has been actively advocating that the exportation of Dorado/Dolphinfish or Mahi Mahi, a protected species from commerical fishing in Mexico, no longer be allowed to be imported from Mexico.

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Article 68 of the general law of Mexican Fisheries states that Dorado and other species including Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish and Roosterfish have been protected speices in Mexico since the mid 1980’s. Yet as other species of legal commerical fishing stocks have been depleted Mexican fisherman have continully moved to exploit species that have been reserved for the tourism and sport fishing industry.




The above graph shows that in 2013 over 7000 tons of dorado were shipped the United States. Populations for Dorado have crashed within the Sea of Cortes. Even though Dorado has been a protected species Mexico’s department of fishing, CONAPESCA has repeatedly refused to enforce the law governing Dorado. This illegal long line fishery has one of the highest mortality rates for marine turtles in Mexico. WorldsAquairum applauds the presidential task force on IUU for a ground breaking decision. To no longer allow species illegally captured from Mexico to enter the United States.

Dorado Fish (Google)
Dorado Fish (Google)

WorldsAquarium will now continue to work with NOAA to see that this new IUU policy is enacted and once and for all end the illegal long line dorado fishery that has killed hundreds of thousands of turtles over the last three decades and led to rampant lawlessness in the Sea of Cortes.

WorldsAquarium is a 501 C 3  nonprofit conservation organization with more than 20 years of experience in the Sea of Cortes and is dedicated to the rule of law, protection of marine mammals, fish stocks and wild marine habitats.

Source: www.WorldsAquarium.org




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