First Restaurant for Dogs in Southeast Mexico Opens in Merida

Peek Food, Merida, Yuc. (Photo: Facebook)

“PEEK FOOD”, the first restaurant for dogs in the Yucatán Peninsula opened its doors on July the 4th, 2015.

It is a new gastronomical concept that offers an experience for diners that want to spend time together with their beloved pets, have a meal themselves and feed their dogs with well balanced and healthy food options.

The Restaurant was born from the idea of brother and sister Rashid Ariel and Citlali Georgina Alcocer Cortazar, who have a strong relationship with dogs since they were kids. Rashid decided to become a professional dog trainer.

Rashid and Citlali noticed that “Pet Friendly” places were almost non existant in the region and that there’s still a large backlog in what is called “Animal Culture” in Yucatan.

I have Chin, my Japanese dog, I usually take him everywhere and I see that in many places pets are not allowed, because there’s not an open mind in the vast majority of companies and businesses in the State

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Peek Food, Merida, Yuc. (Photo: Facebook)

Rashid realized from the beginning that the project would be subject to many questions:

  • if humans and dogs can or should eat together,
  • what kind of food could be offered to the dogs, among other questions.

This situations had to be consulted with specialists in canine nutrition in other parts of the country and even other countries.

Peek Food, Merida, Yuc. (Photo: Facebook)

Today the place offers specific areas where people can be with their dogs and even eat together.

For humans there is a variety of pastries, baguettes and kebabs, as well as several regional desserts. And for the animals, they have food packs with chicken, beef, vegetables, legumes, and cereals, all well balanced for a good nutrition.


The facility includes three rooms, an outdoor space where dogs and owners can spend time together, a second room inside for those who want to try the dishes without being close to the animals and a third one which is a private room.

All animals are checked upon entrance to ensure they do not have ticks or other parasites, and to preserve the health of other pets.

“Peek Food” working hours are:

  • Thursday to Saturday, from 6pm to 12 midnight
  • Sundays from 9am to 6pm.


Calle 57-B #647 (between 10 and 12) Fraccionamiento del Parque. Merida, Yuc.

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Peek Food, Merida, Yuc. (Photo: Facebook)
Peek Food, Merida, Yuc. (Photo: Facebook)