“El Gringo de García Ginerés” Threatening or Threatened?

A group of residents of the Garcia Gineres neighborhood, in central Merida, claim to be terrified by one their neighbors who has offended them verbally and injured some of them physically.

The name of the subject is Jeffrey Gardner, and he is best known as “El Gringo de García Ginerés“.

Garcia Gineres residents terrified by El Gringo
Garcia Gineres residents terrified by “El Gringo” (Image: Telesur)

Mrs. Silvia Romero, one of the affected residents declared to news network Telesur that “El Gringo” gets mad at them if they play music, if their children play on the street and even if her parrot makes noise. And said that whenever he gets upset, this individual starts shouting, cursing (in English and Spanish), and threatening to shoot them or beat them up.

Javier Castro, also resident of the same street, says his son was playing with another kid on the street one day, when “El Gringo” came out of his house, told the children to stop making noise and menaced them at gunpoint.

Ruth Teller, declared to Telesur that they cannot even get out of their homes without being threatened by this man, who wears tape covered brass knuckles in both hands.

garcia gineres residents
Silvia Romero, Javier Castro and other residents of García Ginerés who claim to have been threatened by “El Gringo” (Image: Telesur)

One of the most affected neighbors is David Escalante, a young man who was brutally beat up by Gardner, who broke his nose and left contusions on his face.

David filed a complaint with the prosecution against Mr. Jeffrey Gardner, however, for some reason, this or any of the other allegations against him have not proceeded.

Escalante told Telesur that when he filed the complaint, “mysteriously”, all the documents dissapeared from the prosecutor’s office, the paperwork had to be done all over again, and up to this day, the complaint has not yet proceeded.

David Escalante
David Escalante was brutally beat up by Gardner (Image: Telesur)

Residents of Garcia Gineres claim that complaints against Gardner do not proceed because “El Gringo” has ties with the local authorities.

Salvador Magaña, who also lives on the same street, says that he personally has called the police when Gardner gets violent, and the police shows up but never does anything against him. Magaña says that Gardner has even threatened young girls with rape.

In this photograph, Mr. Jeffrey Gardner is seen talking to police officers on board patrol car number 5991 (Image: Telesur)
In this photograph, Mr. Jeffrey Gardner is seen talking to State Police officers on board unit 5991 (Image: Telesur)

According to information posted on Facebook by Mr. Esteban González Mesa, he claims to know Mr. Gardner, and says that he has always been polite and nice to him and his family.

Mr. González says he has visited Mr. Gardner’s house on several occasions, has never seen him carrying a weapon, and has witnessed how neighbors throw objects into Mr. Gardner’s property. He also states that Mr. Jeffrey Gardner used to live Guadajara before moving to Merida, his wife is Mexican and he is a retired American citizen.

Mr. Gardner arguing with neighbors outside his home (Image: Telesur)
Mr. Gardner arguing with neighbors outside his home (Image: Telesur)

At The Yucatan Times we believe in providing all our readers with the ability to speak their mind, to challenge, discuss or respond any article, editorial or news released on our online publication; therefore, The Yucatan Times Editorial Board invites Mr. Jeffrey Gardner to respond to this article and give his version of events.


Source: Information taken from video posted by Telesur on his Facebook page on Friday, July 31