Chilean President Michelle Bachelet to Visit Mexico on August 13

Chile and Mexico are seeking to renew their excellent relationship said Chilean President Michelle Bachelet in an interview with a Mexican news agency at the La Moneda Presidential Palace.

Bachelet assessed bilateral relations between the two countries in the anticipation of her state visit to Mexico on Aug. 13-14.

We will not only commemorate a political history (the 25th anniversary of the resumption of diplomatic relations) and a strategic alliance that we signed in 2006, but chiefly we want to give greater vigor and vitality to our relationship,” for 2015, she said.

We have a cooperation background that we will carry forward. We have many bilateral projects, 84 projects, and also trilateral projects with countries in the region, but we also want to identify and sign many agreement in new areas of cooperation,” she said.

During Bachelet’s visit to Mexico, agreements will be signed on education, defense, health, social security, tourism, heritage management, science and technology, among others. “(These agreements) will allow us to advance in areas that are key to our societies,” she said.

We have defined, for example, that along with the traditional (themes), along with bilateral trade, that will certainly create jobs, we also want to look at other areas of common interest such as astronomy, environment and tourism,” she said.


michelle bachelet
Chilean President Michelle Bachelet (Google)

The Chilean president said that Mexico is very interested in an agreement on the Antarctic environment and antarctic research which will add to other energy and water management interests.

The defense agreement “is very important for me (because) when I was Minister of Defense (2002-2004) I was there, talking with my peers and Mexico was not going to peace operations at that time,” she said.


For the first time, now suddenly, Mexican officials and the Mexican armed forces are going to go to the United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti with the Chilean mission,” she said.

In the Pacific Alliance and international summits she said that the two countries have the same types of challenges.

The issue is how we diversify our economies, how we are more productive and competitive, how we innovate more,” she said.

Mexico has done things that we have to learn, we have tremendous pollution in our cities and Mexico has done very interesting processes in this area. (Mexico) has an extraordinary cultural patrimony value that we can learn much from,” she said.

Among the future challenges, is continuing to cooperate with third countries on shared interests and support Latin America in “the development of democratic and judicial institutions.”





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