1. A walking Tour along Paseo de Montejo: You could start with a lovely long tour of Paseo Montejo , the longest avenue in Merida with over 5 km of pure art and culture. Intact old buildings to admire the architecture from colonial times and early XX Century.


2. Monumento a la Patria: This monument is located on the Paseo Montejo and has a lot of prints that symbolize different times in the history of Yucatan (and Mexico) It was sculptured by a single man, and it took him 14 years to finish his masterpiece.



3. Take a ride on a carriage Take a ride on a horse pulled carriage with authentic style. Admire the “Ciudad Blanca” the old fashion way  riding through the main streets and avenues of downtown, admiring buildings, squares and monuments, looking at them from “another perspective”.


4. Palacio Canton:  A fantastic palace featuring a neoclassical style that cannot go unnoticed. The Palacio Canton is actually Merida’s Regional Anthropology Museum, hosting authentic Mayan archaeological pieces to admire.


5. The Famous Casa de Montejo: This historical building is located on the main square of the city center, it has a singular façade which was built in the mid- sixteenth century by Francisco de Montejo, founder of Merida , and today is an elegant museum that is worth visiting.


6. Cathedral of San Ildefonso: Be captivated by San Ildefonso Cathedral, edified using the remains of a Mayan pyramidthat used to stand in the middle of the ancient city of T’ho. This monumental building features an illumination system at night that reveals its most beautiful architectural details.

7. Taste a “Marquesita”:  What it is a Marquesita? It is a Yucatecan dessert made with edam cheese and pancake mixer, it resembles a French Crépe, you can get this gastronomic delicacy in any public square or park of the downtown area or anywhere else in Mérida (you won’t regret tasting it).

8. The Macay Museum: Visit the cultural Macay Museum , full of great collections of graphic art , paintings , sculptures , digital art , as well as some of the most complex Mayan artifacts . It is located right next to the Cathedral.


9. Yucatecan Cuisine: In Yucatan, food is part of the culture: panuchos , lime soup , salbutes , roasted suckling pig best known as “cochinita pibil”, and many more delicious dishes are waiting for you at various restaurants located around the park known as “Parque de la Mejorada” and basically all over Mérida.


10. Turibús:  Tour the strategic touristic points of the city aboard a two story bus, make as many stops as you like to take the best pictures next to your friends, family or partner; you get off the bus, take your picture, graba a beer or two, and then hop into the next coming Turibus to continue with your city tour.


11. Trail of Legends: This concept involves interesting tours and dramatized legends ​​in the main squared of town. Talented and experienced local actors perform all weekend long. It is a good way to get to know the Yucatecan culture a little bit better from an artistic perspective.


12. Guided visits: For history lovers it is a great opportunity to visit and admire important places. The trips leave from Merida downtown and tour the most significant historic sites. In order to attend these visits, you must check-in in advance at the information booth under the arches of the City Hall building.


13. Hats and Guayaberas: There are dozens of shops where you can buy typical clothes of the state of Yucatán. either in the downtown area, or at other Shopping Centers around the city.


14. Drink of the famous Xtabentún: Perhaps at this point you are already be familiar with the Yucatecan culture, architecture , gastronomy, clothing and even their hats, but no visit to the Yucatn is complete without tasting the famous alcoholic beverage call Xtabentún . You can find it in liquor store or commercial plaza, but don’t drink the whole bottle by yourself, it is more recomendable to share it with friends and family.


15. Sports in Mérida: If you are a sports lover, you should know that here in Mérida baseball and soccer are the most popular sports among the population, Yucatan’s professional baseball team is the Leones de Yucatan, and talking about soccer, they have the Venados de Yucatán. 


16. IZAMAL the magical town of Yucatán: Located 67 km  (48 miles) east of Mérida, here you can find archaeological remains of three pyramidal constructions of the Classical Mayan era; but Izamal also features the biggest church atrium in the Americas, where Pope John Paul II offered a Mass in 1993, in front of more than 500,000 people.

 Izamal at night
Izamal at night

17. The archaeological site of Chichen Itza: The archaeological site of Chichen Itza is located 120 km (83 miles) east of the Yucatecan capital. This impressive archaeological site boasts El Castillo, the Mayan Pyramid considered as one of the 7 Wonders of the Modern World, the sacred cenote and the construction known as “El Caracol” which is a building used by the ancient Mayan Priests and Astronmers as an Observatory.


18. The Paradise of Celestun: It is 45 minutes from Merida, and is a fantastic natural reserve where people can see beautiful pink flamingos and a lot of other endemic bird species in the mornings and in the evenings on the warm shores or along the mangrove areas featuring natural springs of crystal clear waters. Do not miss this natural spectacle!

Celestún, Yucatán
Celestún, Yucatán

19. The Crystalline Cenotes of Cuzama: Yucatán is beauty all around, and one of the places you muist visit if you want to make your trip unforgettable, is certainly Cuzamá , full of crystal Cenotes inviting every visitor to swim and explore its caves and beautiful natural rock formatioins. This place is ideal for memorable photographs so don’t forget your camera!

20. Luxury Haciendas and Boutique Hotels If you head for Progreso, you will find the Xcanantun residential road , if you go to Cancun , you’ll find Teya or Temozón ; and near to the road of Campeche is Poxilá  among others.




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