Travelers arriving to the beaches of the Yucatan coast triple the amount of waste in one day visit, in comparison to any other tourist center in the state“, said the Secretary of Urban Development and Environment (Seduma), Eduardo Batllori Sampedro .

He explained that the large number of tourists who come to the beaches of Yucatan during this time of the year, generate up to 275 percent more garbage than average in a single day.

The state official urged people to put litter in waste disposal containers.


The environmental specialist explained that just in the port of Progreso, about 40 tons of garbage are produced on an average day, but on a summer vacation Sunday, the amount of waste reaches 150 tons.

This situation exceeds the garbage collection capabilities of this muncipality,” Batllori said.

(Photo: : Oscar González/Milenio Novedades)
(Photo: : Oscar González/Milenio Novedades)

The official added that the waste is not dumped at sea, but many visitors usually end up throwing their garbage in the mangroves or along the coastal roads that connect the ports.

In that sense, the head of the Seduma urged visitors not to leave their plastic plates, cups, food containers on beaches, and to throw their garbage in the containers placed in these areas for that purpose.





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