Yucatán to Attend the “Zhejiang Imports Fair Expo” in China

The "Zhejiang Imports Fair Expo" is a great opportunity for Yucatecan producers to reach the Chinese market

The head of the Ministry of Economic Development (Sefoe), David Alpizar Carrillo, was visited by representatives of the Chinese government interested in promoting the participation of Mexican companies in the “Zhejiang Imports Fair Expo“, to be held from 11 to 14 September 2015 in that Chinese province.

This approach is key to strengthening cooperation in trade, tourism and culture with several regions of China. In order to do so, there has been a close collaboration between the State Government of Yucatan and the “Federation for the Promotion of Trade between China and Yucatan” (Federación para la Promoción del Comercio entre China y Yucatán), presided by Aihua Yao Ming Na, Chinese entrepreneur based in the Yucatán.

Zhejiang officials, who were recently in the State of Mexico, expressed their intention to make possible that 50 firms take part in what will be the third edition of this international event, which expects to host more than 1,000 companies from 69 countries and close sales for more than 300 million USD, with an audience of 150,000 people.
The distinguished visitors informed Secretary Alpizar Carrillo that despite being relatively young, this exhibition has international prestige, it’s the only one organized by the government of Zhejiang, which is the second most important port in China and fifth in the world.

The "Zhejiang Imports Fair Expo" is a great opportunity for Yucatecan producers to reach the Chinese market
The “Zhejiang Imports Fair Expo” is a great opportunity for Yucatecan producers to reach the Chinese market

Chen Yirong, vice president of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT); Bailin Xuan, deputy director of the Office of Ningbo Municipal Government, and Wang Lixin, head of the Domestic Exhibition Department of CCPIT  attended the meeting.

The head of the Sefoe told the Chinese officials that the participation of local businesses will be actively promoted this year and an invitation will be extended to other Mexican states through the networks the secretariat has with its partners and business organizations.

He underlined that this is a great opportunity for Yucatecan producers to reach this important Asian market, especially in this region whose inhabitants have an interest in our local culture, and said that the Yucatecan Delegation will feature the state’s commercial and cultural offer.
He explained that due to the distance, logistics and costs involved, this must be organized in advance, so a greater collective participation is expected for the 2016 edition of the show.

However, the invitation is open to companies that have the possibility of attending the 2015 edition, and they can approach the Sefoe for bonding information.
The official expressed confidence that this approach will work as an effective collaboration bridge between the Sefoe and a large delegation of Yucatecan businessmen, and stressed that the Ministry is willing to provide them with all the means and incentives to be able to take part in this expo, which would represent the beginning of a fluid trade between both regions.
During the meeting, Alpizar Carrillo exposed to the visitors the offer of products and services in the Yucatan. He stressed that the state is first place nationally in exports of pork meat, honey bee and octopus, highly valued products in foreign markets.

In this context, it was announced that as a dynamic modern port, the city of Ningbo (Zhejiang city), with approximately seven million inhabitants, has a strong preference for consuming high quality imported goods from around the world.
Opportunities for local entrepreneurs in this multi-sector fair, range from arts & crafts, jewelry, clothing, decorative items, processed foods and natural products, to electronic and technological devices.
Also attended the meeting, Gabriel Magaña Legorreta, CEO of Commerce Sefoe; Wu Xuguang, director of the Office of Ningbo Municipal Audit; Teng Zhong, secretary of Domestic Exhibition Department, and Zhang Zhenxi, General Manager of Ningbo Tianqing Transportation Co.

Companies interested in this event can contact the Sefoe (Ph.- 930 37 30).


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Source: Comunicación Social Sefoe Yucatán