World Famous DJ Dash Berlin Reported Missing in Tulum

The world famous DJ and producer Dash Berlin was reported missing on Thursday July 9th, after leaving on a bicycle tour through the rainforest near Tulum, Quintana Roo; this was actually posted on his official Facebook page by members of his Management Team.

A couple of hours ago Dash Berlin went on a bike tour through the Mayan jungle. However,  he got separated from the group and so far his location is unknown,” this text was published on the DJ’s social network on Thursday July 9th, around 3:30 pm.

Berlin’s working team immediatelly asked for support of the local authorities. Three search expeditions were conducted to find the musician, but failed to locate him.


Nevertheless, the Dutch DJ was found safe and sound three hours later, according to his official Facebook account.

“I’m ok my Mexican friends, keep you posted.” the DJ wrote on Facebook.

“No worries everybody I’m totally fine!” he added through the same social network.


The Dutch producer was visiting our country to take a few days holiday.

In fact, on Wednesday July 8th, before the incident took place, the artist posted on his Facebook account: “I’m happy because I’m going back to Mexico to rest awhile”.

Dash Berlin has not given further information.

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