Serial Killer Fears Sparked in Merida After Murder in Umán

Unresolved cases are causing Merida’s residents and authorities to speculate that a serial killer might be in their midst.

On Friday July 17th, the State Attorney General’s Office confirmed that, according to the results of the DNA tests, the body of a 17 year old young lady found on Wednesday 15 within the premises of a ranch property of Adolfo Solis Quintal, near the Uman municipal dump, is Alejandrina Guadalupe Chacón Lopez who was reported missing to the authorities since Tuesday July 7th.

But now the case takes a different course, as the prosecution opened a new line of investigation that points to the possibility of a serial murderer threatening the community.

Although no details have been revealed, official sources said that the crime of Guadalupe Alejandrina has several similarities with the murder of a woman perpetrated in Valladolid last year.

According to the records, on June 16, 2014 an unidentified woman was found dead in a vacant lot in the neighborhood of San Carlos, in Valladolid. The victim was sexually assaulted, strangled to death and the taken to the vacant lot, where the wheel tracks of a truck were found, and it was believed that the body was carried by at least two people.

Family and friends of Alejandrina walking towrds Uman Cemetery for her burial (Photo:
Family and friends of Alejandrina walking towards Uman Cemetery for her funeral (Photo:

On Friday July 17th,  the Prosecutor declared that the murder of Guadalupe Alejandrina reminded the investigators of Mario Alberto Sulu Canché’s modus operandi.

Sulu Canché was a serial murderer who hanged himself in the Merida’s prison back in 2008 after admitting the killing of several young women along the Yucatecan coast.

Sulu Canché used to convince his victims to get into his car, to later sexually abuse them, kill them and then throw the dead bodies away in desolated areas.

The prime suspect in this crime is José Damián Arias from Chiapas, who was denounced by Juanita Lopez and Pedro Celestino Flores Chacon Castillo on Tuesday July 7th, the day when their daughter dissapeared.

José Damián Arias allegedly offered Alejandrina a modeling job in Merida and Progreso.

A sketch of the suspect was handed over to the municipal and state police.

Adelaida Salas Salazar, president of the Observatory of Femicide in Yucatan (Observatorio de Feminicidios en Yucatán), demands the maximum penalty of 50 years in prison for criminals who kill women.

Salas Salazar declared that according to the National Survey on the Domestic Dynamics Relations (Encuesta Nacional sobre la Dinámica en las Relaciones en los Hogares: ENDIREH), Yucatán ranks fourth nationally in gender violence.

According to information delivered by the National Femicide Citizen’s Observatory (Observatorio Ciudadano Nacional del Feminicidio: OCNF), between 2007 and 2012, 44 cases were officially recorded in the state of Yucatán:
2007: 10 cases
2008: 10
2009:  6
2010:  6
2011:  11
2012:  4
2013:  13
2014:  10

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