Pemex reported an average production of 2.275 million barrels per day in June

Pemex oil plataform (Google)

The oil production of Petróleos Mexicanos (Pemex) reported its third best result of the year during June, averaging a production of 2.275 million barrels per day.

These figures are behind only the results of February and March, when production reached 2.332 million and 2.319 million barrels respectively.

According to the weekly report from Pemex Exploration and Production (PEP), production from the Chuc oil well reached 218,000 daily containers, maintaining the extraction levels of crude oil at 32,000 barrels lower than the average of 250,000 barrels during the first three months of the year. Last month, the field reported a production of 204,000 barrels.

The Ixtal–Manik well achieved 47,000 barrels a day, compared to 36,000 last month, representing an increase of 11,000 containers, compared to production in May, and only 11,000 barrels away from the average of the first trimester.

This is the best production of the second trimester.


However, hydrocarbon distribution continues to fall, delivering 2.08 million barrels daily in June, compared to 2.21 million in May — a drop of almost 6 percent.

Of the 2.08 million barrels (64 liters each) produced, 1.06 million were sent to the National Refinery System, while the remaining 1.02 million were exported.

Regarding gas production, extraction levels improved last month. In June, 6.4 million square feet were produced, compared to the 6.2 million reported last month.

The Burgos field, in Tamaulipas, reached 1.115 million square feet of production this month, compared to 1.08 million previously. This drop can be attributed to the budget cuts in the beginning of the year.

Of the total production, 4.70 billion square feet of hydrocarbons was delivered, of which 4.06 billion went to plants, while 646 million were sent directly to ducts.





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