Indigenous and Environmental Issues, Used in Short Films in Yucatán

El Valor de la Tierra (Photo:

Yucatan is currently going through an important moment in the development of documentaries and short films, especially driven by the interest in indigenous and environmental issues“, said independent producer Adriana Otero Puerto.

The young Yucatecan, who is pursuing a master’s degree in Visual Arts Production at the Yucatan State School of Arts, stated that in recent years the making of documentaries and short films has shown a significant dynamism in the state.

In an interview, Otero recalled that in 2013 she received support for the production of a 20 minute documentary called “The land value” (El Valor de la Tierra) that addresses the problems that Mayan indigenous communities faced lately for land tenure.

This project gave me the opportunity to be a Director and although it was produced in 2013, it was not launched until 2014,” she specified.

In the same year I had the opportunity to participate as a producer of another documentary called “Paax”, part of the “Ambulante” project.

The story is about a hip-hop group composed by two Yucatecans,  Joel Kauil Tuz and Carlos Caamal Tun, who rap in Mayan tongue, and struggle to win a contest in order to obtain money to finance their goal: to be heard by their fellow Mayan indigenous friends and relatives performing in their own language.

This production was released on April this year, also lasted approximately 20 minutes and made other groups and triggered similar iniciatives, which also seek to form part of the Ambulante project“, she said.

There were other works done in Yucatan, where the indigenous and environmental subjects were predominant. But fortunately, Paax managed to pass all the filters and ended up becoming a reality,” she added.

Otero declared that these experiences and the support from the Ambulante project have motivated others to promote documentary production at local and national level.

El Valor de la Tierra (Photo:
El Valor de la Tierra (Photo:

Today we  see a greater concern to improve the quality of photographic technique, content, shots, narrative, stories, lighting, among young Mexican producers in search of consolidation” she said.

“The value of the land” was filmed entirely in the community Tanil, for which she received a sponsorship of 15 thousand pesos ($950 USD) for the production; and the documentary has already been exhibited abroad, in countries as Nepal and Spain.

Otero is currently working on a new projects together with musician Alberto Palomo, who has also received several awards for his work in film music composition.

Undoubtedly, the indigenous issue will take a major force and draw a lot of attention from those who produce and watch documentaries, and we believe that Yucatan in that sense has a lot to tell the world through the lens,” she concluded . (Notimex)