Donald Trump Now Says He Respects and Loves Mexico

Businessman Donald Trump, who is leading the pack in the race for the Republican nomination, spoke again about his position on Mexico and the Mexicans, and said that he “loves the country“.

Trump said, “I love Mexico, and I love the Mexican people.”

He also spoke about the many Mexicans working for him and how he sells departments to them. And how some people distort his position about the country and its immigrants.

The controversial tycoon is leading the pack in the race for the GOP nomination, according to a survey published on Monday by ABC and The Washington Post, indicating that he has 24% of the preferences.

Donald Trump was in South Carolina for a political act. (Photo: AP)

That comes in moments that he has been able to alienate even the most conservative sectors of the GOP, not to mention minorities and democrat-leaning voters.

On the second place of the race is the governor of Wisconsin, Scott Walker, with 13%, while the former governor of Florida, Jeb Bush, is third with 12%.