Once again, The Yucatan Times was contacted by a supposedly Chinese company offering web registration and protection for the brand since someone in China wanted to register the name. Despite the article published, we have been contacted again by these scam artists, this time with a different name than the time before.

FOTO: Email by fake Chinese domain company.

We asked one of our news contacts in Shanghai to please verify this company´s address and phone numbers. There was no answer on any of the phone numbers and the address did not match any place. When people receive these emails, most of the times they are caught off guard, as the person clicks on the link, it takes you to a website, which is not unusual or strange that a Chinese registrar of Domain names doesn’t have a Chinese language, since most of the possible clients do not speak nor read the language and English is an internationally accepted language to conduct business.  

Chinese-domain scam website

However, as you dig deeper, you come to realize there are irregularities on it. None of the logos of accreditation link to the appropriate websites such as the Verisign logo or the TV Accredited Registrar doesn’t link to the certificate website. 

Chinese-domain scam. These icons lead nowhere when clicked.

The scam is still going strong, people are paying from $600 USD and above for a .asia, .cn, .org.cn, .com.cn, etc… A registration YOU DO NOT NEED unless of course you are planning on conducting business in Asia/China.

We have been contacted by people in this same situation. If you want to read more about it and see others’ opinions regarding this experience please go down onto the original article, then read all the way down to the comments so you can witness how many people have been approached by these dishonest individuals.

If you are in this situation don´t panic, absolutely nothing will happen to your website and the best way to stop this, we suggest, is with you sharing your experience with your friends in all the social networks you have. The more people who know, fewer will fall victim to the scam. Do not let yourself be victimized!


Don’t Let Yourself Be Victimized!

Since we all have heard of Internet scams to steal identities, credit card numbers, bank accounts information, etc. We are publishing this hoping it will help and protect people from being taken advantage by scammers.

In the past weeks we received an email stating the following:


In the email received, they request to forward it to the CEO with a sense of urgency, and they want you to rapidly react to a supposed third party’s plan to register a list of available domain names in CHINA, infringing your companies’ trademark rights. The third party could email you to tell about their plan as well. The email usually comes from someone else with a hotmail or gmail address, ours came from a Gareth Jian /garethjian@gmail.com


If you fall for this “offer” you´ll end up paying premium prices for your very own domain name and they will even sell you a “Brand protection product” invented for the circumstance.

The email we received

The unsolicited email we received came from a Mr. Edward Zhang General Manager of   Chinese domain www.chinaregistry.org.cn

In the email they explain that a supposed company is interested in YOUR NAME, in this case our name, that happens to be available in China. In a few days they claim, the other party will register these domains, unless you secure them first. The domain registrar www.chinaregistry.org.cn will send you an email from the interested third party (it came from a gmail address) claiming that they want and will register our/your domain name, and they are only waiting for approval from Edward Zhang. Eventually you´ll get (we did) a list of our domain name (theyucatantimes.org.cn, theyucatantimes.cn, theyucatantimes.tw etc…) but no prices. Prices eventually come in another email and are extremely high if you fall for it. As we searched for the information and made phone calls to companies we found on the internet that fell for this scam, one of them explained to us they paid over $2,000 British Pounds for the registrations of their domain name and some invented “brand protection” product.



If you receive an email from a China Domain Name Registration Center or a similar domain name registrar claiming that someone is about to register your rightful domain names it is 100% FALSEIf you reply, they will offer you the domain names at premium prices but furthermore they will try to sell you long term registrations (up to 30 years) plus that made-up brand protection product for your brand in China.

This scam has been occurring for several months now. In reality they are trying to resell you, your own domain name with Chinese/Asia extensions and unless you intend to do business in Asia or China, there is NO reason to have a domain name outside of your U.S. Mexico domain name (.com, .net, .org .mx etc.)

Please beware and share with your friends so you do not become a victim of this scam!

Image: www.chinaforeignteachersunion.com


Here is a part of a list we found in http://www.europeandomaincentre.com 

Company names involved in this non ethical practice:

Yugu Network (yugunetwork.com)
DT Data Technology (datatech.org.cn)
HK Top Level Domain Creating Limited (hkcreating.hk)
PT Information Services (pt-is.cn)
Nat Global Services Ltd. (natgs.org)
A&P (aps.cn.com)
TBS (tbs-net.cn)
AP Authentication (www.ap-cc.cn)
PT Information Services (www.pt-is.cn, pt-is.org)
Asia Registry (asiaregistry.org.cn)
DHS Web International (dhs-web.org)
Asian Domain Registration Institution (now.cn)
DN Net Property (dn-ltd.org)
YI GUAN (ygnetworks.org)
YIGUDNS (www.yigudns.com)
NTI Concept Service (ntics.org.cn)
Asian DNS Co. Ltd. (asian-dns.com)
Public DNS Data Center (pdnsdata.org)
China Intellectual Property Office (cn-ipr.asia)
Tika Management Registry Center (tika-global.com)
CN Intellectual Property Office (cn-ipr.asia, cn-ipr.net)
XS Solutions (asiandomaincentre.org)
IGN Domains (igndomains.co.uk)
D&H (dhservices.cn)

Contact persons’ names and contact details used.

Edward Zhang, Tel: +86 21 6191 8696 Fax: +86 21 6191 8697 Email: edward.zhang@chinaregistry.org.cn
Steve Luo, General Manager Tel: +86 21 6191 8696 Fax: +86 21 6191 8697 Email: steve.luo@yiginetwork.com
Aaron Zhang, Tel: 86 551 634 911 91 Fax: 86 551 634 911 92 Email: a.zhang@dtdata.org.cn
Vincent Liu, General Manager Tel: +86 21 6191 8696 Fax: +86 21 6191 8697 Email: vincent.liu@yugudns.com
Michael Hon, Tel: +86.551.63491191 Fax: +86.551.63491192 Email: Michael@tbs-ca.com.cn
Kevin Lu, Senior Consultant Manager Tel: +86-21-6191-8696 Fax:+86-21-6191-8697 Email: kevin@cnygregistry.org.cn
Scott Wang, General Manager Tel: +86 21 6191 8696 Fax: +86 21 6191 8697 Email: scott.wang@yugunetwork.com
Alger Miao, Senior Adviser Tel:(0086) 0551-63491191 Fax:(0086) 0551-63491192 Email: alger.m@dturl.org.cn
May Dong, Senior Consultant Manager Tel: +865538366231 Fax: +865538366231 Email: md@dregist.org
Bob Wong, Senior Consultant Manager Tel: +865538366231 Fax: +865538366231 Email: b@nsu.asia, bob@nos.org.cn
Rex Zhang, Tel: 86 551 634 911 91 Fax: 86 551 634 911 92 Email: rexz@datatech.org.cn
Frank Luo, General Manager Tel: +86 21 6191 8696 Fax: +86 21 6191 8697 Email: frank.luo@yiginetwork.com
Nicole Zhang, Manager of Auditing Department Tel: +852 3 050 67 65 Fax: +852 3 069 74 09 Email: nicole@tldservice.org
Andrea Lee, Registration Department Tel: (+86) 739-5266069 Fax:(+86) 739-5266069 Email: andrea@pt-is.cn
Albert Lee, Registration Department Tel: (+86) 739-5266069 Fax:(+86) 739-5266069 Email: albert.lee@pt-info.cn
Nathan Wang, Manager Tel: +86-21-6191-8696 Fax:+86-21-6191-8697 Email: nathan@chinaygregistry.com
Richard Chan, Tel: +86.551.63491191 Fax: +86.551.63491192 Email: richard@tbs-int.cn, richard@ap-ser.cn, richard@dtweb.org.cn
Tito Hon, Tel:(0086) 0551-63491191 Fax:(0086) 0551-63491192 Email: tito@ap-ac.cn, tito@ap-ser.cn
Greg Lin, Senior Consultant Manager, Tel: +865538366231 Fax: +865538366231 Email: gl@ncon.net.cn, greg@nsu.asia, g.l@nconsult.cn
Bill Chan, Tel: +86.551.63491191 Fax: +86.551.63491192 Email: bill@tbs-int.cn
Bengj Miao, Senior Adviser Tel:(0086) 0551-63491191 Fax:(0086) 0551-63491192 Email: beng@aps.cn.com, bengj@tbs-ca.com.cn
Jim Dong, Senior Adviser Tel: +86.551.63491191 Fax: +86.551.63491192 Email: jdong@tbs-net.cn, jim@tbs-net.cn, jim@ap-ser.cn, jdong@dtit.org.cn
Kevin Dong, Senior Adviser Tel: +86.551.63491191 Fax: +86.551.63491192 Email: kevin@tbs-ic.cn, kevin@ap-ser.cn, kdong@tbs-net.cn, kevin@ap-ac.cn, kevin@ap-as.com.cn


J.J. Argaez / J.Urioste
The Yucatan Times Newsroom
Jul 27th 2015



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