Apple’s Steve Wozniak Admires Mexicans’ Passion

There is a passion in Mexico for developing new technology and changing the world, which for Apple Computer cofounder Steve Wozniak is inspirational.
Mexico, in fact, is the country that inspires him most, Wozniak said while attending the annual digital inclusion conference called Aldea Digital, that was held in downtown Mexico City.

In all of Mexico [and particularly] in Hermosillo, in Querétaro, in León, in Monterrey, I have seen a lot of entrepreneurial interest; this is the country that currently inspires me the most,” said the former associate of the late Steve Jobs.

Wozniak cites Mexicans’ passion during interview at Aldea Digital in Mexico City (Photo: Aldea Digital)

He said in his travels people ask him if he sees anywhere else as marvelous as Silicon Valley in terms of high-tech activity. His answer: nowhere else but Mexico.

He recognized Brazil and Colombia as players in digital technological development but the people who want to get involved in technology and make changes are in Mexico, he said.

The passion Wozniak has seen here is one of the key requirements he lists for a successful entrepreneur.

Others are being prepared to work hard, take risks, be tolerant of frustration and failure and constantly seek to move forward.

Aldea Digital, now in its third year, is an iniciative presented by the Carlos Slim Foundation in the “Zócalo” of Mexico City. More than 30 workshops were offered this year, with more than 70 prominent national and international speakers.

Some 260,000 people participated in last year’s event; and more than 300,000 attended this year’s edition, that took place from Friday 10, through Saturday 26, July, 2015.





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