Another Real Estate Fraud Victim in Mahahual -A Letter To The Editor-


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Two articles recently published on TYT have been bringing up different reactions from people:

Our Editorial Board received a letter from Mr. Greg S. Smith an American Citizen who claims to have been a victim of mislaid trust of Mr. Kevin Graham in Mahahual Quintana Roo. This is his letter (Sic erat scriptum / As it was written).


-“I am also a victim of Kevin Graham. He seemed to run a legitimate operation for many years and then turned bad.  He had lot of good references, and longtime established business, and office, etc.  I bought two properties through him.  The first went well, and it was during the second transaction he stole my money. I first met Kevin Graham after being referred to him by a real estate agent in Playa del Carmen.  He said Kevin Graham was the most active real estate agent in the Costa Maya / Majahual area.  In February of 2008 he brokered the purchase of a lot, and I paid the down payment to his “escrow account” in Dallas, TX and then after our lawyer completed the title review and other paperwork we deposited the rest of the money to his account, and he paid the seller, everyone signed the paperwork, and the transaction was final by the end of July, 2008”.-

Escrow account:

  • T Bank
  • Dallas Parkway, Suite 125 Dallas, TX 75248
  • ABA# 111024975
  • Customer Name: Kevin Graham Costa Maya Escrow Account
  • Account Number: 0014000681

“Later in July, 2011 Kevin showed me a package of casitas available for sale, but I decided to not go forward with that.  In October, 2011 Kevin emailed me about someone who urgently wanted to sell another lot.  The price was good, and the lot was better than the first one, so I agreed to purchase it.  By November 5 I had a signed contract on it, and I deposited the down payment November 7, 2011. The terms called for 20% down, 2 years of financing, and payment of the balance after 2 years.

By September, 2012 I was ready to pay off the balance.  Since I trusted Kevin and had had a good experience with him in the past I put the balance due in his escrow account while my attorney finalized the paperwork.  By November 7 we were on the verge of closing, and Kevin emailed me offering to sell me his lot in Majahual near the pier and lighthouse.  He seemed a little desperate to sell.  The email is below”:


  • From: Kevin Graham []
  • Sent: Wednesday, November 07, 2012 2:59 PM
  • To: Greg Smith
  • Subject: Hola from Costa Maya

Hola Greg,

I just got off the phone with Jorge and it looks like your transfer of the property will be a week from today.  When I was talking to him I thought of you for another thing with no idea if this would interest you.  I think so because you’ve always asked me to keep you advised of great deals. I really need to sell a lot of mine in Mahahual.  It’s between the cruise ship pier and lighthouse.  It just had electric service put in.  The next phase of the malecon will be built in front of this lot.  I knew all these things would happen a few years ago when I was with my ex and that is why I bought it.  I need to sell it quickly, though.  It’s listed at $185,000usd which is a fair value.   It is 20mt oceanfront by about 70mt deep.  It’s a purely commercial lot and the value is location along with the already installed electricity.  If you are in a position to buy something, make me an offer.  I can tell you it would be very, very good investment.  You are the only person I’ve contacted about this.  Please let me know when you can because I have one week to make this work for someone.


After I declined he replied back:


  • From: Kevin Graham []
  • Sent: Friday, November 09, 2012 7:06 AM
  • To: Greg Smith
  • Subject: Re: Hola from Costa Maya


Thanks Greg,

Actually I am doing more and more in Tulum so I’ll keep my eyes open for you.  It would be great if you could come down here! As for this lot, if it helps…If you have only about $90,000 for now I could make this work or could finance whatever balance there would be.  This is a great opportunity for someone and I know how you look for things like this.

Best regards,

Lic. Kevin Graham



“Sometime between November 9 and November 20 of 2012, Kevin called me and told me that his girlfriend/common-law wife walked out on him.  She was buddies with someone at the bank, and even though she was not an authorized signer on the account she convinced the bank to let her withdraw the money in his accounts without his knowledge.  He sounded frustrated but also embarrassed.  He said he no longer had the money I had deposited in the escrow account to pay off the seller.  I asked him if it’s an escrow account how can he bank let her do that? That would expose the bank to a huge liability.  He gave me a song and dance and said he was considering suing the bank and asked me if I had any lawyers to recommend.  He agreed to continue making the monthly payments to the seller until we reached the end of the 2 year financing period. Kevin made the monthly payments to the seller until the end of the 2 year financing period, and then the seller demanded that he get paid in full, whether by me or by Kevin.  Since Kevin was still being deceptive and not paying, I had to come up with the extra money myself.  Kevin agreed to pay off the balance to me.  On December 16, 2013 I paid an additional $58,637.35 to the seller that Kevin stole from me, and on December 20, 2013 Kevin paid me back $10,000, leaving a balance of $48,637.35 outstanding.  He never paid me another penny despite multiple promises.


On August 15, 2014 I had an interesting visit with the branch manager and the compliance manager at T Bank, the bank Kevin uses.  I told them all about my experience with Kevin, and while they are not allowed to discuss the personal information of their account holders, they were able to divulge just enough for me to know that the story he told me about my missing money is a lie and a fraud.  Kevin has refused to commit to a payment plan even though he paid the seller every month with no problem.  He always has a big sale just around the corner that never goes through”.


I am starting a blog at where I will post all this information as well as photos of Kevin and where other victims can come forward with their stories. It should be live this week some time.


Greg Smith



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