20 Same Sex Couples Wed in Historic Group Ceremony in Acapulco

20 gay couples wed in group ceremony in Acapulco. (Photo: El Dictamen)

Twenty couples were officially wed on Friday July 10, in what was described as a historic event: the first collective gay wedding ever held in the state of Guerrero.
Plans for the wedding were announced after the Supreme Court ruled last month that state laws restricting marriage to unions between men and women were unconstitutional.

It wasn’t long after that Guerrero’s first lady, wife of interim Gov. Rogelio Ortega Martínez, announced the wedding plans, inviting gay couples to be wed at the free event.

20 gay couples wed in group ceremony in Acapulco(Photo: El Dictamen)
20 gay couples wed in group ceremony in Acapulco (Photo: El Dictamen)

Rosa Isela Ojeda Rivera and her husband welcomed 15 female and five male couples to “Dominguillo Beach” on the evening of Friday July 10, where the governor declared it a historic occasion, adding that in Guerrero “to love is a right.”

More same sex weddings are to follow. It was revealed that there have been more than 100 marriage applications for gay couples from Acapulco and Chilpancingo who want a more private celebration than that offered last Friday.

Following the official ceremony a reception was held at “El Anzuelo Restaurant”.

Support for the Supreme Court ruling is widespread but not universal. One opponent, reportedly inebriated, turned up Friday night at the reception, thrust his hand into the wedding cake and proceeded to lick his fingers.

He followed up by taking the podium and offering insults to those in attendance, but was led away by police shortly after.

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