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Univision has canceled its telecast of the Miss USA pageant, an event partially owned by Donald Trump, to protest Trump’s offensive remarks about Mexicans. Likewise, the TV network says it is cutting all other business ties to Trump.

Univision is the biggest Spanish-language broadcaster in the United States, so its decision is a shock to the Miss Universe Organization, a joint venture between Trump and Comcast’s NBC-Universal division.

“Today the entertainment division of Univision Communications Inc. announced that it is ending the Company’s business relationship with the Miss Universe Organization, which is part-owned by Donald J. Trump, based on his recent, insulting remarks about Mexican immigrants.
At Univision we see first-hand the work ethic, love for family, strong religious values and the important role Mexican immigrants and Mexican-Americans have had and will continue to have in building the future of our country. We will not be airing the Miss USA pageant on July 12th or working on any other projects tied to the Trump Organization.
Univision News and the local news division will continue to provide comprehensive coverage of all candidates, including Mr. Trump, to ensure our audience continues to have access to all points of view.”

What happened here? Simple… someone in the marketing area of Trump´s corporation made a HUGE mistake and should get fired. That someone did not conduct its marketing research correctly and allowed Donald Trump to say the crap that came out of his mouth. That same moronic marketing people are not talking to their boss, telling him that TODAY Latinos in general are the first minority in the United States and represent around 19% of its population which more or less translates to more than 60 million people worth 1 trillion dollars. Yes you read correctly… One trillion United States Dollars.

You still don´t believe me? Ask Hernan Lopez CEO of Fox International Channels, whom according to Forbes he´s the point person and prime mover behind News Corp. and he is trying to capture an outsize slice of a $1 trillion pie: the surging U.S. Hispanic market.

Now, going back to the subject, even though that it is a known fact that Trump is one of those “constant fame seekers” and loves to be the center of attention, he is smart, otherwise he would not be as successful as he is, however as I mentioned before, someone in marketing screwed up large. In Trump´s speech, he condemned immigrants from Mexico whom according to him “have lots of problems” and those Mexicans are “bringing to the US drugs, crime, they’re killers, rapists… “ This is a really bad marketing assessment, since that market felt tremendously offended and that is not good for business. Trump has casinos in Atlantic City and with NBC owns Miss USA, Miss Teen USA and Miss Universe franchises. These people watch TV and go on vacation.

There are States in the US where Latinos have become the largest single racial/ethnic group in the state, such as California, behind New Mexico, where white people (The United States Census Bureau defines White people as those “having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa”) are not the majority and Latinos are the plurality, meaning they are not more than half but they comprise the largest percentage of any group.  These marketing dimwits, did not explain to Mr. Trump, their employer, that most ethnic minority groups do not like remarks like the one he made since they begin asking themselves –Will Asians be next? Or African-Americans?-

These “geniuses” in marketing definitely are not talking to the boss so the guys in the “Legal department” are working overtime. We hear Trump´s new statement:  -“I’m going to have to sue Univision now… They have a signed contract. They’ll have to pay me a lot of money.”- Once again, not good for business. You cannot say what you said and then go on Fox News to say, “I love Mexico, I love the Mexican people.” To later on say that you intend to sue Univision for refusing to carry the Miss USA pageant or say –“There is nothing to apologize for… Everything that I said is correct”.- to US Weekly and now like a 4 year old, throw a temper tantrum and sent a letter to the Univision CEO banning them from using their golf course. That must be shocking to them! I am sure that these entire poor people in Univision are devastated! Come on Donald, how is it possible that in just a few days you have manage to get so many people pissing mad at you? Can you imagine what you´ll accomplish in a full presidential term? You will be the gift that keeps on giving!

Allegedly Donald Trump´s letter to Univision
Allegedly Donald Trump´s letter to Univision CEO Randy Falco


Donald, here is my totally unwanted advice… If you want to be the next President of the United States of America or do good in your business, YOU WILL NEED to hire a better R&D team (Research and Development) for your marketing department since the ones you have now SUCK!

They forgot to tell you that the United States is the main trading partner of Mexico and our country is the second largest partner of the United States. The average bilateral trade amounts to over $500 billion dollars a year, also, they forgot in their report that the U.S. receives every year an average of 15 million Mexican tourists (Donald around 55-60% of tourists in the U.S. come from Mexico and Canada) but hey, don´t take my word, the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Office of Travel and Tourism Industries (OTTI) are the ones with the numbers.

Donald instead of wasting your time trying to teach audiences what an amazing tycoon you are by evaluating a bunch of washed up “celebrities” conduct businesses (that clearly suck at it, otherwise they wouldn´t be broke and washed up), you should be looking to hire better and more qualified people in your company. As a suggestion, try to pay better wages and give better incentives, which may do the trick. In the meantime, use those famous words on your marketing people (and it wouldn´t be such a bad idea on those who came up with the TV show) and say… YOU ARE FIRED!


*José E. Urioste Palomeque
Merida Yucatan, Mexico
June 26 2015

*José Eugenio Palomeque-Urioste is a Business Intelligence professional in the area of ​​Research and Development. He began his training process in mass media writing scripts for radio programs, commercials and advertising campaigns.  Since then, he has written for newspapers, magazines and mass media in Mexico and the United States, ranging from the professional to the editorial and has written 3 fiction novels that have been presented in numerous forums and literary competitions causing much controversy as to its content.



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