Uptown Merida, a New Commercial Development

(Photo: yucatan.com.mx)

We are all acquainted with “Downtown Mérida”, but what about “Uptown Mérida”?

Well, we better get used to it, because that is the name of the new shopping center that is being built no more than 300 hundred yards away from Plaza Altabrisa, in the north of Mérida.

This new project developed by Mexican (not Yucatecan) investors will feature a Walmart Supercenter, Cinemex Cinema Theatre complex, Starbucks, and a business class hotel along with restaurants, bars and numerous commercial spaces.

The name of the construction company is Parks Desarrolladora, S.A. de C.V. it is actually well known, as a division of Real Estate e-Group they have built many commercial developments in the country; such as Plaza Las Americas Merida; Plaza Las Americas Cancun; La Isla, Cancun; Malecon Cancun, and other luxury shopping malls in Mexico City like Arcos Bosques, Torre Reforma and Liverpool Polanco, among others.

Therefore, Uptown Merida means an investment of several million dollars that will create jobs and bring prosperity to the area (or not?).

For many Merida residents, the commercial project on the 5 hectares land located in front of the Monumento a las Haciendas is not good news at all.

Everyday it is more stressful to drive through the North of Merida, and these new commercial centers will create more congestion, mostly due to the size and condition of the streets, and the lack of parking spaces.

The increasing number of cars and high levels of traffic can be very detrimental to the neighborhoods in the area.

Heavily trafficked streets can be particularly damaging for the existing infrastructure, and only a proper urban design can mitigate these kind of problematic situations.

Unfortunatelly, it seems like Urban planning and design are not a priority for Muncipal authorities in this city. Meanwhile, heavy machinery is already working onsite.


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