“Tierra de Animales”: Helping Animals Find their Way Home

Tierra de Animales (Photo: Jan Walkeden)

Tierra de Animales sanctuary was founded in March 2011 as a refuge for Cancun’s forgotten and abandoned street dogs, or ‘perros callejeros’. Animals rescued from the streets now have a safe place to call home, and a place to heal from the unfortunate circumstances that left them alone and abandoned.

Dogs who once had virtually no chance of survival , those that have been injured and abused, and those who are simply abandoned or born on the streets, now all have a second chance at a better life.

Animals rescued by Tierra de Animales receive immediate medical attention, love, care and understanding; but most important, they are able to be a part of the “pack”.

All the dogs that enter the shelter are sterilized, as it is vital to break the cycle of animal homelessness and suffering.

The mission at Tierra de Animales is to rescue, rehabilitate, sterilize, socialize and find a permanent home for all dogs.

If you want, you can join their cause and help them in this important mission!

If you live in the Cancun – Playa del Carmen – Riviera Maya – Tulum area, you can participate as a volunteer!

Be a part of “Sabados de Apoyo” (Support Saturdays) where you come to visit the sanctuary and help to bath the dogs, care for them, and help to clean the grounds and kennels. Volunteers are also needed to help with food donations and fundraising events.


In fact, you can be involved with Tierra de Animales no matter where you live!

Help by donating so they can save more lives, you can also help by sharing Tierra de Animales’ updates on Facebook and Twitter with your friends and followers.

What about  soliciting funds or donated supplies? (see their Wish List). Or you can have a yard sale or auction to benefit these dogs! There are so many ways you can help, be creative!

At Tierra de Animales, there is a wide open area for the dogs to run and play, outdoor runs for dogs that need to remain kenneled, separate indoor spaces for special needs kennels and a bathing area.

Many of the rescued dogs are injured and sick, and require much care. Currently they are constructing a large quarantine and admittance area to accommodate all of the dogs that arrive injured and sick…your help is needed to complete construction…they are overflowing with dogs that need medical attention and quarantine.

The next phase of construction contemplates more outdoor ‘living’ areas and an onsite sterilization/health clinic. The founding of TdA has been an enormous labor of love to transform undeveloped wild, hostile jungle land into what they are today, and they need to keep growing.

Spay and neuter services at Tierra de Animales

Spay and neuter services are now offered at Tierra de Animales!

For just a minimum donation of 300 pesos (about 20 dollars) you can help to end the cycle of homeless animal overpopulation (donation only covers costs for supplies and surgery, Tierra de Animales is not making any additional profit). But an extra donation is always very welcome for the dogs and cats of TDA!!!

Appointments and information, contact them at 998 1570772.


Get Involved

Tierra de Animales Shelter relies solely on personal donations to operate, and they ask for your support. Help them give dignity and respect to the lives of these dogs that only ask for love and a chance to be happy.

G (2)With a population of over 275 dogs, Tierra de Animales is actively seeking loving adoptive families for them.

Arrangements can easily be made for transporting adopted dogs to the US and Canada.

Please take time to look through their album of dogs available for adoption, and open your heart and home to one (or two!) of them.

When you adopt a former Mexican street dog, you are adopting a very grateful friend that will be loyal to you for life and will become a loving member of your family.

At Tierra de Animales, they literally have dogs of every color, size and personality…some prefer a quiet life, some want to play all day, some are shy…but all are ready for a second chance in a new home.

All dogs are vaccinated, sterilized and receive health screenings by veterinarians who kindly assist in treating these animals at TdA.

Please adopt (never buy!), and share this article with friends who may be wishing to adopt a dog……a former homeless street dog is a very appreciative and greateful dog!

Tierra de Animales (Photo: Jan Walkeden)
Tierra de Animales (Photo: Jan Walkeden)

If you live in the Cancun – Riviera Maya area, Mérida, Yucatán or Mexico City, you can receive information by contacting Ricardo Pimentel at ricardo@tierradeanimales.org or via Facebook.  If you live in the US or Canada, please contact Lisa Edwards at helpmexicandogs@hotmail.com for adoption assistance and help with questions on shipping or flying your new dog home!

Become a fan of Tierra de Animales on Facebook, follow them along with their development and see how happy a former street dog can be when given a second chance! Contact them today and see how you can help the dogs of Tierra de Animales.

At TdA they work closely with US partner, Lost Dog Foundation, you can donate from the US and it’s tax deductible!

For more information contact Ricardo Pimentel via email: ricardo@tierradeanimales.org or  Cel 9981570772 or via Facebook.



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