Three Dead Due to Gang Related Violence in Yucatán

On May 31, the Yucatecan municipalities of Caucel and Peto had a bloody Sunday, with 3 casualties due to gang related violence in the region.

In Caucel, a casual drink between friends ended up in tragedy when one of them slashed the other’s throat with a broken bottle.

Sergio Ivan Euán Noh, 18, died of a deep cut in the jugular made by a man only  known as Michel, who at the time of the murder was drinking with Sergio.

Both men, allegedly members of a local gang, were casually drinking when they started to argue, suddenly Michel grabbed a bottle, broke it and mortally wounded Sergio. The victim died minutes later even with people trying to help stop the bleeding.

The attacker fled the scene, but was arrested by the local police hours later. He is accused of murder in the first degree, although his legal situation remains to be determined.

Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle (
Crime Scene Investigation Vehicle (

Meanwhile in Peto,  a brawl occurred on the streets near the old Railway Station at the end of a political meeting, where gang members clashed using sticks, stones, machetes and according to witnesses firearms were shot as well at some point during the fight.

The initial reports indicated that one of the deceased received at least seven cuts to the head with a machete and the other one died from injuries caused by a firearm.

The incident caused people to lock up inside their houses for several hours, while state and municipal police forces mounted a special operation, setting up checkpoints in different parts of town, to prevent further violence.





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