The People have Spoken: The Midterm Election in Mexico

Election Day (Photo: Archive)

These elections have shown something mighty interesting to the citizens of Merida, the state of Yucatan and the rest of Mexico. The first thing proved is that the election worked and millions across the country gathered to exercise their right to vote. In the state of Yucatan and the city of Merida, the turnout exceeded the expectations, even more in the case of a midterm election.

For the vast majority of citizens, the INE (before IFE) met its goal of providing certainty in the process, as there were doubts regarding their capability for a good performance in these elections.

The fact is that, so far according to the PREP count, states with serious conflicts such as Michoacan and Guerrero have been taken over by other political parties through a democratic process, creating an alternation, as a clear indication of how citizens feel.

And what to say about Jaime Rodríguez “El Bronco”, who makes history by becoming the first so-called “independent candidate” to achieve a victory in one of the most important states of Mexico, Nuevo Leon.

The victory of “El Bronco” delivers a clear message: a massive weariness of the people of Nuevo León. But this contender is not a “rookie” when it comes to politics; he made a career as part of the PRI for many years, so he knows how to get the votes, how to operate politics, but above all, he knows the tricks of politics and politicians and how to counter attack.

Rodriguez faces a great challenge, takes on a huge responsibility and he will have to prove he really offers a different kind of government, which is what people expect. It would be very unfortunate if this win comes as result of a “Fox effect” (in reference to what happened with former President Vicente Fox Quezada who was long expected to win the Presidency, and at the end, the results were mediocre at best). Hopefully “El Bronco” will become a reference point at national level and he will be able to prove he has what it takes to make that difference that many expect, if so, he could even consider to run for “The Big One” in 2018.

As for President Peña Nieto, this is a wake-up call for him and his party to start doing something different asap! Radical changes are needed, and as we say in marketing terms, a “relaunch” of his government is required. After these elections, Peña’s administration needs to be careful and make a close analysis of the situation; if not, the president and the people of Mexico are facing three very complicated years.


Talking about Mexican politics, the striking force of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador remains a “phenomenon” for some, “prodigious”‘ to other, since his new party, MORENA (National Regeneration Movement) has achieved unprecedented results. The political geography of the country changes with the presence of MORENA, and many will begin to worry as this party continues to advance and rise to levels that could represent a real danger for the PRD.

Andres Manuel is an experienced and skilled political operator (he previously operated for the PRI and PRD), and it is a fact that the PRD will react to this threat. This will be an interesting battle of the National “Left Wing” parties, to be followed with particular attention.



So far, the PREP trend (still to be confirmed by the electoral authorities), indicates PAN’s Mauricio Vila Dosal won the election. He is a young businessman and politician, who will rule the city of Merida the next three years. On the other hand, this is a hard defeat for PRI’s Nerio Torres who will have to rethink the course of his political career.

Vila will take office in part, due to a city that does not forget what happened with the Ortega-Araujo duo, a city with high expectations regarding his campaign promises and that expects him to make a difference. He will face difficult situations that will require knowledge of the art of negotiation and he will have to solve conflicts left to him by his predecessor, and it will not be easy … but, then again… what in life is?

Vila will have to “take the bull by the horns” (as we say in Mexico) on serious and complex issues such as the debt of the municipality and the private litigation of it.

It is said that people get the government they deserve… It is time to put that saying to the test.


by José E. Urioste Palomeque
Mèrida Yucatan, Mexico
June 08 2015

José Eugenio Palomeque-Urioste is a Business Intelligence professional in the area of ​​Research and Development. He began his training process in mass media writing scripts for radio programs, commercials and advertising campaigns.  Since then, he has written for newspapers, magazines and mass media in Mexico and the United States, ranging from the professional to the editorial and has written 3 fiction novels that have been presented in numerous forums and literary competitions causing much controversy as to its content.