Suspected thief lynched by mob of 300 men, women and children in Quintana Roo

A mob of at least 300 people — men, women and children — lynched a Guatemalan man last night after accusing him of committing various crimes.

Quintana Roo state officials said the incident occurred about midnight last night in the community of Carlos A. Madrazo, located near the state capital Chetumal. Local authorities received a report that a man was being held after he was caught robbing a home.

His two accomplices had fled, but José Juan Pérez Ramos was not so lucky.

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When police arrived at a sports pavilion where the suspect was being held, his captors refused to let him go, demanding they arrest the other two suspects, blaming all three on a wave of robberies and rapes.

By this time Pérez Ramos had already been beaten to the point where his entire body showed signs of injury.

It was not long after police arrived that the lights were suddenly extinguished. When they were turned on again, the accused thief was dead, his throat slit.

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