South Asian Weddings, A Growing Segment in Cancún and Riviera Maya

South Asian Weddings (Google)

Cancun has become one of the main destinations for Hindu weddings in Mexico, with approximately 350 of these celebrations each year. Wedding planners are being trained for this specific segment that is expected to grow 30 percent n the following year.

Brenda Fernández, from Mexico Dream Weddings, said that in just four years, Cancún has become a favorite spot for Hindus living in the United States and Canada to celebrate their traditional weddings.

Amongst other reasons, Hindus love Cancun for its beautiful beaches, World Class Hotel accomodations and great air connectivity, which allows their relatives to attend the wedding from anywhere in the world. This is a segment that has grown rapidly in the last four to five years, thanks to couples that come to Cancun and find an exotic destination that exceeds their expectations, and now the hotel chains are increasingly turning towards investing in this market“; Fernández said.

South Asian Weddings (Google)
South Asian Weddings (Google)

Brenda is a Master Bridal Consultant by ABC and the only Mexican certified wedding planner for Indian weddings.

Fernández added that there are luxury hotels currently training their staff and launching campaigns to attract this niche that can generate between 100-700 guests per wedding, with an average stay of 5 to 15 days. She noted that Cancun, Punta Cana (Domincan Republic) and Hawaii are the most sought destinations for these kind of weddings that can generate an economic impact of $150,000 to $500,000 USD each.

Hindy Wedding in Cancún (Google)
Hindu Wedding in Cancún (Google)

This market is also looking for personnel properly trained, well prepared and able to provide all the necessary elements for these type of weddings, since a Hindu marriage ceremony lasts at least three days, including the rituals before, during and after the wedding.

At a press conference, Brenda Fernández concluded saying that the South Asian Wedding Certificate Course for wedding planners will take place in Cancún with a limit of 50 candidates.  If you are interested in this special Hindu ceremonies training, you can contact Mexico Dream Weddings.





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