Progreso Consolidated as World Class Homeport

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On Thursday June 11th, Pullmantur cruise line began this year’s operations in the port of Progreso, with the arrival of “The Monarch”,  tthat will be serving domestic and foreign passengers, taking them to other Caribbean destinations, and postioning Progreso as a homeport, with arrivals and departures of such vessels, that will enhance tourism activities and economic flow in the region.

Governor Rolando Zapata Bello and State Secretary of Tourism Promotion Saul Ancona Salazar toured the cruiser.

With a program of 11 arrivals between June 11 and August 16 this year, and an estimated 25 thousand passengers through the Caribbean routes and Costa Maya.

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The head of the Executive declared that: “Pullmantur is a powerful ally for Yucatan, as it will help to strength its tourism potential“. Zapata Bello also emphasized the importance of promoting air connectivity in the region in order to make the visitors stay in the city at least two nights prior to their cruise ship departure.

The Governor underlined that Progreso provides a World-Class facility for the cruise industry. Now, that 70 percent of the passengers are domestic and the remaining 30 come from different countries in Europe, South America, as well as from the U.S. and Canada.

Pullmantur Monarch (Google)



The Governor admired the facilities and exchanged commemorative plaques with the captain of “The Monarch”, Amadeu da Silva Albuquerque.

The Mayor of Progreso, Daniel Zacarías Martínez, stated that the presence of Pullmantur consolidates Progreso as homeport, and added that the local government and SEFOTUR are working together towards the arrival of more cruisers in search of turning the city into a preferred destination in the Southeast.

Governor Rolando Zapata  and part of the delegation also they attended the event (Photo: SIPSE)
Governor Rolando Zapata and part of the delegation also they attended the event (Photo: SIPSE)
Part of the delegation that attended the event: DIF CEO and first lady of the state of Yucatan Sarita Blancarte de Zapata; Local Congressman Luis Hevia Jiménez; Superior Court Judge Marcos Celis Quintal; Mexican Navy Commander Felipe Solano Armenta; Progreso Port Authority Director Raúl Torre Gamboa; National Immigration Institute Delegate Oswaldo Ortiz Matú; President of the Business Coordinating Council, Nicolás Madáhuar Boehm; Federal Deputy María del Carmen Ordaz Martínez; and Local Deputy Ernesto Martínez Ordaz.


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