Mexican Embassies Call on Student Interns

The Foreign Relations Secretariat (SRE), the Mexican Youth Institute (Imjuve) and the National Association of Universities and Higher Learning Institutes (ANUIES) agreed to go forward with the Mexican Global Youth Program. The program will allow university students under the age of 30 with an 8.5 grade point average (B average) in a bachelor’s program to complete their social service or complete an internship in a Mexican consulate or embassy.

The program will allow students to grow personally, professionally and academically by experiencing first hand what it means to work in a foreign country“, Sergio Alcocer Martínez de Castro, undersecretary for North America in the SRE, said.

It is necessary to create spaces for youths studying diplomatic and international relations, Berenice Alcalde Castro, sub-director for the Evaluation and Coordination of the IMJUVE, said. The organization will also help the students with stipends, air fare, room and board.

A total of 45 internships will last two months and eight are six-month internships.

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The students will gain experience and training into the workings of the Mexican Foreign Services. The program will contribute to the formation of the students’ professionalism and open opportunity for them.

The first 53 students will have the opportunity to complete internships in 28 Mexican embassies and consulates in 17 countries: Germany, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Columbia, Chile, China, Spain, the United States, France, Guatemala, Italy, Japan, Peru, the United Kingdom, the Holy See, and Switzerland.

Registration began on June 8 and the results will be published on June 17 and again on August 3.






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