Mauricio Vila New Elected Mayor of Merida

According to the Preliminary Electoral Results Program (PREP), the PAN candidate for mayor of Mérida, Mauricio Vila, retains the lead in the election with 45.27% of the votes, above his rival, the candidate of the PRI, Nerio Torres Arcila with only 38.27%.

So far, with 91.96% of the final results, Vila is winning the election, and it looks like he will take office of the municipal presidency in Mérida, defeating Torres Arcila, who suffered his second straight loss running for Mayor of the “White City”.

Until 9 am this morning, Mauricio Vila Dosal, of the PAN has 150 mil 915 votes; Nerio Torres Arcila of the PRI has 127 mil 652 votes; Ana Rosa Payán of Movimiento Ciudadano 21, 983 votes; Gilda María Aké of MORENA 9,771 votes; Carlos Carvajal of the PRD 3,428; and the candidate of the PT 1,753 votes.

Election Results, Mayor of Merida 2015 (
Election Results, Mayor of Merida 2015 (



Furthermore, in Valladolid, Yucatán; unexpectedly, Alpha Alejandra Tavera  Escalante, MORENA candidate for mayor, is winning the election with 36.51% of the votes, while Mario Peniche Cardenas of the PRI  has 32.31%, and Antonio Alvarez Ruiz of the PAN has only 16.78%.



In another unexpected result, Jose Isabel Cortes Gongora, New Alliance candidate for mayor of Progreso continues to exceed Saiden Jessica Quiroz, PRI candidate. According to the result of the computation of the boxes until 5:40 in the morning, Cortes Gongora has 38.23% of votes ahead of the 34.84% of Saiden. Lowest, he is the PAN candidate with Blanca Li Ortega, far behind with 11.05%.



Moreover, in Tinum, Yucatán according to the PREP, Felipe Chan Yam of the PRI is winning the election with a percentage of 51.99%, while Evelio My Tun of the PAN has only 38.39%.


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