Man Beaten to Death Outside a Bar in Mérida

Jose Jesus Gonzalez Kú, bouncer at “Bar La Sabrosura” is now facing trial over the death of a man who died last week due to a heavy beating from the bouncer and another employee that fled the scene and is now a fugitive.

Kú González was imprisoned, but only accused of the crime of injuries, but now, the case has been re classified to homicide, since the victim, Jesus Saldivar Manuel Rosado, died at Hospital O´Horan as consequence of the severe injuries.


The incident occurred Thursday June 4th, around midnight, right in front of the bar located in colonia Delio Moreno, in the south part of Merida.


When the victim was officially pronounced dead, the Second Judge of Control reclassified the offense for which the prisoner is placed under detention for the next six months, while the legal process continues.

At approximately 00:30 am, police officers on patrol near Colonia Delio Moreno, received a distress call of an injured person at Calle 64-B (between 109 and 111), outside the bar.

The agents arrived at the scene and found Saldivar Rosado unconscious in a pool of his own blood, and at that moment Heidi Angelica Lopez Palomo, a woman who identified herself as girlfriend of the victim approached the officers, explaining who were the men responsible.

Heidi Angelica Palomo declared that they were leaving the premises at “Bar La Sabrosura”, after eating and drinking there, when they were suddenly intercepted by Jose Jesus Gonzalez Kú and another subject who introduced himself as Roberto, and out of nowhere the two guys started to brutally beat up her boyfriend until the man was unconscious.





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