Former Mexican First Lady postulates herself as Presidential Candidate

Even when the next presidential election in Mexico is still three years away, the former first lady of Mexico, Margarita Zavala, ex President Felipe Calderón’s wife, released a video in which she announces her decision to run for President in 2018.

Zavala revealed that she will seek the government’s top post and not the leadership of her National Action Party (PAN), as many thought she would.

I will not contend for the PAN’s leadership. The party has men and women able to rise to this challenge and I am confident that in the PAN we can make the best decision. For these reasons I have decided that in the times pointed out by the electoral law, I will seek the presidency of the Republic,” she said.

In a video recording published on her Twitter account, Zavala Gómez del Campo expressed that due to the mediocre results obtained by the party in the recent elections, she will build a national project in order to rally its members and “those who have voted for other alternatives and those who have stopped believing in the parties as an instrument of our democracy.”

I’m going to travel through the country, to listen to the people, to talk about our possibilities and what we want for the future. I am convinced that we can obtain in the election of 2018 a government that will dignify politics for the benefit of the citizens,” she added.



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