Case of Animal Cruelty at “Maskota” Pet Shop shocks Mexico

"Maskota" employee mistreating a Chihuhua dog (Image: YouTube)

Mexican citizens protested in front of the shopping mall Plaza Galerías in Pachuca after internet users shared at least three videos in which employees of the “Maskota” Pet Store are seen abusing animals.

In one of the videos a young man beats and slaps a chihuahua dog, while in another video an employee of the store kicks and kills a little hamster.

On a press release, “Maskota” stated that the company filed a complaint against the abusers, while federal authorities said that the case would be investigated.

"Maskota" employee mistreating a Chihuhua dog (Image: YouTube)
“Maskota” employee mistreating a Chihuhua dog (Image: YouTube)

Later on, State Attorney for Environmental Protection (Proespa) shut down the “Maskota” pet store located in the Galerías Pachuca shopping mall, as a result of the shocking videos that went viral in which employees of the store are seen abusing defenseless animals.

As we said before, “Maskota” identified and filed a complaint against its employees who mistreated a hamster and two dogs in the shop facilities, located in Pachuca, Hidalgo.

Through a statement, the company said that these acts are completely contrary to their philosophy and commitment to animal welfare.

Maskota employee beat up (Photo: Google)



The group of people that were protesting in front of the pet store recognized one  of the individuals seen on the videos, and the young man got beat up and had to  be  taken to a local hospital where he was reported not seriously injured.