Apple Inc, announced it would launch its watch in seven more countries, including Italy, Mexico, Spain and South Korea, from Friday June 26th, as demand surpasses expectations “in every way”.

The company has not given any sales figures for the Apple Watch since it began taking orders in April, but has often said demand was outstripping supply.

The Apple Watch comes in three different models, two different sizes, and six different finishes, with a range of swappable bands and prices ranging from US$349,  all the way up to US$17,000. It’s designed to be Apple’s most personal product: fashion as much as it is tech. Apple’s products have been fashionable for years, but now Apple wants these watches to transcend into jewelry.

Smartwatches may one day be the future of phones, or a seamless extension of both them and your home, or any number of connected devices. Right now, they function as phone accessories. And that’s where the Apple Watch lands. Apple designed the watch to help us look at our phones less. Some people say it is more of a smaller screen in Apple’s spectrum of differently sized screens.

The watch will also be launched in Singapore, Switzerland and Taiwan.

It is currently available in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and the UK.