Aeronautical Project brings US$300 million Investment to Baja, Mexico

Francisco Vega de la Madrid, governor of Baja California, announced that 10-seat aircraft of the U.S. company Spectrum will be fully manufactured in Mexico for the first time.
The project, called “Spectrum 40” has an initial investment of 300 million dollars and is scheduled to start this year. 
Spectrum’s Freedom S.40 mid-size jet offers stand up cabin accommodations for as many as nine passengers with cruising speeds up 440kts (506.3 miles per hour) and a maximum range of more than 2200nm (1622.63 foot-pound [ft*lbf]).
The first “made in Mexico” aircraft is expected to be ready in 2018.
The governor explained that the 10-seat aircraft of the U.S. company Spectrum will be entirely manufactured  in the capital city of Mexicali, Baja California; right on the US – Mexico border. 

The firm intends to build four to five aircrafts in the first year and about 25 annually, sources of Baja California government told the press.
The project would create 250 jobs, plus those generated by the construction of a test track and other facilities.

Spectrum: an Environmentally Responsible Company:

Spectrum is proud to be developing aircraft that are inherently friendlier to the environment. Efficiency has always been a prime objective at Spectrum and they are glad that better performance also means lower emissions.

During the past twenty-five years Spectrum has invested in creating a new and unique type of advanced composite fibeX®. This remarkable material allows them to build exceptionally rugged aircraft that are up to 40% lighter than aluminum airplanes of similar size, resulting in substantially lower fuel consumption – and dramatically reduced emissions.

The charts below show estimates of the amount of CO2 emitted on a 600nm trip by aircraft in each cabin class when compared with the Spectrum Freedom and Independence.


The S.40 Freedom

Spectrum’s Freedom S.40 midsize
jet offers ‘stand-up’ cabin
accommodations for as many as
nine passengers with cruising
speeds up to 440kts (M0.77) and
a maximum range of more than



The S.33 Independence

Spectrum’s Independence S.33
light jet provides seating for up to
seven passengers and a maximum
cruising speed of 425kts (M0.74).
Its maximum range extends out to 2000nm.




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