Mérida Teenager Electrocuted while Using her Mobile Phone

A teenager in Mérida Yucatán ended up hospitalized after being electrocuted using her mobile phone while connected to power outlet.

Amairani May Lopez, 19, was at her home in Colonia Melitón Salazar, in the southside of Mérida, where she was recharging her cell phone battery, but not wanting to be disconnected from social networks, she continued to use her mobile device without noticing that the cable of the converter was already peeled and when it accidentally made contact with a gold necklace she was wearing, a violent electric shock occurred causing her second and third degree burns.


Amairani suffered severe burns on her back, neck and shoulders, and had to be rushed to Hospital Agustin O’Horán where she received medical attention. Fortunately the young girl is out of danger; but she decided to post photographs on her Facebook page, along with a text so her acquaintances take precautions to avoid making the same mistake.

The text reads as follows:

With no desire for compassion or pitty, I want to share an experience I had a few days ago because of my irresponsibility and lack of awareness by using my cell phone while being connected to an electrical outlet, which put my life at risk as an electrical shock provoked me burns of second and third degree in the neck. I thank God I’m OK and I share so people be aware, and avoid to commit the same mistake.”


Source: http://progresohoy.com/