A few days ago, The Yucatan Times published its intention to interview each one of the candidates running for Mayor of the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and invited our readers to send their questions to the contenders. The answer was overwhelming obtaining almost 800 interrogations overall, which were gathered in 7 subjects.


As of Wednesday 19th of May, The Yucatan Times, will present each one of the interviews and its answers starting with Nerio Torres from the PRI party, who was the first to agree to the dialogue and answer the questions the expatriate community sent. Afterwards, Ana Rosa Payan from Movimiento Ciudadano party, the second aspirant who agreed to answer the questions; and finally, Mauricio Vila from the PAN party whom so far has agreed to answer but has not given The Yucatan Times a possible date.

To begin this series of interviews, we would like to tell our readers a little bit of the trajectory of each one of the contenders and some of the motives they have openly stated of why it is they want to become mayor of Merida, as well as to introduce some of the people they will have as part of their team.

Nerio Torres Arcila


Born April 19th 1975 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. He is married to Marisol Martínez Domingo with whom he has fathered two children. Torres obtained a law degree from the Autonomous University of Yucatan and subsequently became a master’s graduate in applied political studies at the International Ibero-American Foundation for Administration and Public Policies* in Madrid, Spain (*Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas)

In 1991 joined the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and since then, has held the following positions during his political activities:

  • PRI´s plurinominal candidate to the Senate of the Republic (2000)
  • State Political Council (2002)
  • General-secretary of the party in Yucatan and chairman of the State Commission for Ideology (2006)
  • President Of The Executive Committee of the PRI in Yucatan (2006- 2008)
  • Metropolitan Coordination of Yucatan From 2008 – 2009
  • General direction of the Social Security Institute for State Workers in Yucatan From 2009 -2012
  • In 2012 became the PRI´s candidate for Mayor of Merida for the period 2012-2015, where he loses against the PAN candidate Renan Barrera on a difference of 10-15,000 votes.
  • After the election, he is appointed as Secretary of Community and Social Policy of the State of Yucatan by Governor Rolando Zapata Bello.

Nerio Torres Proposed Political Cabinet (by last name in alphabetical order)

  • Ricardo Castro León.- Lawyer, former counselor to the General Secretariat of Government.
  • Teresa Fernandez Maldonado. – Holds a degree in International Relations and Commerce, current president of the Camila Foundation. The Association was established in October 2009 after her 13 year old daughter Maria Camila Fernandez Moran, suffered a car accident in which she lost her life .
  • Fernando López Macari.- Public Accountant, former president of the Mexican Institute of Finances and part of the COPARMEX (Confederation of Employers in the Mexican Republic) council, senior partner at YES (Yucatan Expat Services)
  • Pedro Oxté Conrado.- Former union leader of the CROC, local deputy, municipal councilor.
  • Jorge Carlos Ramirez Granados.- Founder and former president of the Yucatan Students Council.
  • Rita Rivas Cantillo.- Lawyer and president of the association “Antonia Jimenez Trava” a group that represents professional women that practice law.
  • Alejandra Rivas Escalante.- An expert in tourism and member of the Secretariat of Tourism.
  • Celia Solis Che.- Accountant, former chief of administration of the direction of Public Transportation.
During his political campaign, Nerio has been carrying around a notepad and a pen, to write down every single citizen’s petition (Photo: PRI)

Nerio Torres Arcila, has stated that the motto of his campaign is “Sensitivity and Order” as the two main components of his political campaign, by working on 3 basic principles that cluster the top priorities of the city:

1.  To preserve the identity and cultural essence of our city, by maintaining its roots through education and values, in order to preserve the city safe and secure not only for its residents, but for those that visit or consider Merida a place to invest.

2. To solve the most urgent matters that people demand in basic public services such as streets pavement, trash collection, urban lighting, a significant improvement in the “Centro Histórico” area and the implementation of social programs for the people in extreme poverty conditions.

3. The development of a prosperous competitive Merida for the future, with more commercial and tourism relations with the rest of Mexico and the world.

Two important highlights of candidate Nerio Torres Arcila.

1. During the debate, Torres presented proposals well received by a vast sector of the citizens of Merida and he also demarcated himself from PRI’s former Mayor Angelica Araujo in an unprecedented move, which led to a rise in the general perception and gave him the win.

2. Merida´s general society is tired and fed up with the polarization in the political campaigns and the tone used by the contenders. However to this day, Torres Arcila has not reacted in a negative way upon the provocation and discrediting of his opponents, on the contrary, he has expressed his will to work with different political forces.

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Alejandro Azcárate Varela
TYT Newsroom