Ana Rosa Payán (Photo: Movimiento Ciudadano)

A few days ago, The Yucatan Times published its intention to interview each one of the candidates running for Mayor of the city of Merida, Yucatan, Mexico and invited our readers to send their questions to the contenders. The answer was overwhelming obtaining almost 800 interrogations overall, which were gathered in 7 subjects.


This time, we give the background of Ana Rosa Payán one of the contenders and some of the motives she has openly stated of why it is that she wants to become mayor of Merida, as well as to introduce some of the people she will have as part of her team.


ana rosa 2Ana Rosa Payán Cervera

Ana Rosa was born in Merida in 1951. Born to Alfonso Payán and Aurora Cervera. She graduated from the Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan (UADY) and got a bachelors degree in accounting.

Ana Rosa started her political career in 1983, and she remained a member of the right wing party PAN until 2007. She has been the Mayor of Mérida twice, the first time from 1991 to 1993 and later from 2001 to 2004.

  • State  Representative
  • Federal Senator
  • National Director of DIF (Desarrollo Integral de la Familia)
  • Delegate of Condusef (Comisión Nacional para la Defensa de los Usuarios de las Instituciones Financieras)
  • Inaip Senior Adviser (Instituto Estatal de Acceso a la Información Pública)
  • Yucatán State President of the PAN Political Party
  • Leader of PAN’S CEN (Comité Ejecutivo Nacional)


Ana Rosa’s Campaign Team:

  • Oscar Coldwell Cantillo: Public Accountant, Ex President of Finance and Treasury in the City of Merida and Ex UADY`s official.
  • Adriana Hernández Puente: bachelor degree in political sciences and public administration, College Professor and Semarnat ex worker.
  • Genny Barceló Carbajal: preschool teacher and school supervisor.
  • Marisol Bouza Peniche: Classic dancing teacher and Bachelor degree in Communication
  • Ligia Teresita Canto Lugo: ISSTE’S former employee and human rights activist.
  • Sergio Aguilar Alcalá: bachelor degree in social communications and  masters in political efforts and cultural projects
  • Ramsés Navarro Alonzo: has studied political sciences and international relations, director of independent taxi drivers and leader of the MC.
  • Ricardo Marchand Aguilar: bachelor degree in law, worked in private firms and collaborator of Catholic groups.
  • José Luis Hernández Ferraez: UADY’S librarian, micro entrepreneur and sales promoter
  • José Pinto Matos: Public Accountant, Municipal authority, former director of administration and supplies of the city of Merida.
ana rosa 1
Ana Rosa has been the Mayor of the city twice: from 1991 to 1993 and later from 2001 to 2004 (Photo: Movimiento Ciudadano)


In case she wins the election, Ana Rosa has five priorities for Merida:

  1. The people: First and above all, human development, even prioritize that before urban planning. To win Merida, we must first win the hearts of the citizens, I want them to be happy in their own city and a the same time create more job, education and health opportunities amongst others.
  2. The city. I´m looking forward to create a more concise plan and better strategize the public work office. One of my plans is to reorganize traffic but without underground roundabouts and other works of the same nature. Also better illumination for the city, I strongly believe that with better lighting a lot of robberies and assaults can be prevented. Most of the streets of the city must be renewed and repaired, in overall I want to instar better and more efficient public services.
  3. The government. My goal has always been to create a transparent government that has nothing to hide and everything to show to its citizens. I want people to trust our government once again, and in order to do that I must open all doors, a government that has nothing to hide, has nothing to fear.
  4. Cero corruption. Basically cero tolerance and with corrupt officials. To anyone that gets caught in the act, that same person will find himself without a job and in prison. This applies to anyone caught, and with the same policies to everyone, cero tolerance for corruption this is the only way we can get pass that phase in Merida.
  5. One municipality. There will be no “discrimination” when it comes to all parts of the city, there will be no north or south of the city, with this I mean that there will be no motives for political parties affiliations.


Two important highlights of candidate Ana Rosa Payán Cervera.

1. Ana Rosa is a very experimented politician, she has been the Mayor of the city twice: from 1991 to 1993 and later from 2001 to 2004.

2. The people of Merida remembers Ana Rosa as a mayor that led the city to prosperous times in the past and most of all that was transparent with the public account.


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Alejandro Azcárate Varela
TYT Newsroom



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